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Everyday Mocktail Ingredients to Host the Non-Alcoholic Party at Home

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The festive season is approaching, and so is party time and holiday fun. Parties with friends, family, and even colleagues get more exciting when you sip mocktails. Refreshing mocktail recipes in the party menu is the best way to enjoy a party without the influence of alcohol. Curious to know how you can make party-perfect exotic mocktails with everyday ingredients? Let's explore the best mocktail recipes.

Everyday Ingredients for Best Mocktails at Home

Making mocktails at home is no less than a 10-minute craft. However, this craft tastes heavenly and exceptional. Below are some mouth-watering mocktail recipes to impress your guest at a house party.

1. Moscow Mule Mocktail 

Moscow Mule mocktail needs simple ingredients like lime juice, ginger juice, and non-alcoholic ginger beer. Ready to make it? 

Steps for the recipe

- Mix lime juice and ginger syrup in a shaker.

- Add ice cubes to a glass and pour the above combination.

- Add some Ginger beer and stir it well.

- Make it tastier by garnishing it with some lime slices and crystallised ginger.

2. Everyone's Favourite Virgin Mojito 

One cannot skip mojito while exploring the best mocktail recipes. It can be the soul of your party. Add these everyday mocktail ingredients For the lasting impact of a delicious mojito.

Steps for the recipe

- Squeeze three limes into a Shaker 

- Add simple syrup, mint leaves, and lime zest

- Crush mint leaves and lime zest using the wooden stirrer and mix it well

- Add ice cubes in a glass to serve virgin mojito

- Don't forget to garnish it with lime slices and mint leaves.

3. Berry Spritzer

If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks at parties, this impressive mocktail recipe will surely amaze you. 

Steps for the recipe

- Add lime juice, strawberry, lime slices, mint leaves, and simple syrup in a pitcher.

- Lightly crush the mint leaves and strawberries and stir the mixture well. 

- Add ice cubes to it and serve it with the garnish of mint leaves.

4. Virgin Cinnamon Mocktail 

The flavour of cinnamon mocktail is worth the try this party season.

Steps for the recipe

- Add non-alcoholic white rum, cinnamon flavour, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker.

- Shake it well to make it well.

- Serve it with your stunning glassware set with some rosemary garnishing.

5. Cranberries Pineapple Flavour 

Scale up your innovation with cranberry and pineapple mocktail recipes.

Steps for the recipe

- Add cranberry and pineapple juice in a shaker.

- The pineapple juice should be half the quantity of cranberry juice.

- Add some ice cubes to the cranberry and pineapple mocktail and shake it well.

- Serve it in your favourite glassware and garnish it with cranberries and orange slices.

These mocktail recipes will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests. The everyday ingredients, like lime juice, orange, berries, ginger, and cinnamon, are required for these refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. You can get simple syrup and non-alcoholic ginger beer or white rum online. Take out your stylish mocktail glassware set, stock the ingredients, and be ready to host the super-fun mocktail party at home. Explore more such recipes at The Bar.

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