Around The World In 5 Sangria Recipes

Exploring Regional Variations: 5 Sangria Recipes Around The World

A drink with origins in the fascinating gastronomic and drinking cultures of Spain, the sangria has become widely popular across the globe for its tangy flavours and its delectable taste. Traditionally, sangria was prepared using a mix of red wine and one more alcohol like brandy coupled with lots of chopped fruits and bitter and sweet liqueurs for their citrusy flavour notes.

Over time, this drink has become a global phenomenon such that sangria is one of the most sought after cocktails at many informal gatherings like leisurely brunches or slumber parties you would host in warm weather.

And as the popularity of the drink has spread across the world, so too different variations of this cocktail have come up which put slight regional twists on the classic recipe to offer myriad delectable wine and fruit pairings.

These methods of preparing sangria are generally a celebration of local culinary practices, seasonal ingredients and the flavours favoured in those provinces. Such delicious concoctions containing lots of citrus fruits and quality red induce just the right amount of kick to make them sought after cocktails at any party.

Read on below to find out more about the different regional variations of the sangria cocktail that have become popular around the map:

Exploring Regional Variations: 5 Sangria Recipes Around The World

Sangria de Cava

Made using cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, this variation of sangria is very popular in both Spain and Mexico and in each region, it is prepared with slight differences in the recipe. In Mexico, sangria de cava is crafted using the sparkling wine with a splash of tequila and lime juice and fresh fruits like oranges, strawberries and kiwi.

The drink is bubbly and refreshing and filled with tropical flavours. Its Spanish counterpart is a mix of cava with citrus fruits and floral notes like elderflower liqueur or tangy elements like peach schnapps that give the drink a light and welcoming quality.

Portuguese Sangria

This version of the sangria is prepared by blending red wine and citrus fruits with port wine instead of brandy or vodka. The Portuguese version undoubtedly has been influenced by the strong presence of the sweet, caramel-like, chocolatey port wine prevalent in this region. As well, the historical influences of spices on the culinary cultures of this province also mean that the cocktail is sometimes also adorned with cinnamon and cloves to give it an almost punch-like quality even as it retains the boozy intensity inherent to a sangria.

Aam Panna Sangria

In the Indian subcontinent, summer means the arrival of mangoes and keeping in store large batches of aam panna syrup to prepare a cooling sherbet when the warm weather unleashes itself in full. Sweet and tangy aam panna is prepared using a mix of raw mangoes, sugar and saffron.

Exploring Regional Variations: 5 Sangria Recipes Around The World

Over time, modern mixology has reinvented lots of cocktails by incorporating this syrup in their making. One such mouth watering drink is the sangria, prepared by bringing together a white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio with cut up fruits, aam panna syrup and just a splash of sparkling water.

Sangria Blanca

A variation of the classic white wine sangria, the sangria blanca popular in Chile is a mix of lots of tropical flavours to put a slight regional twist on the cocktail recipe. You can prepare this sangria blanca using chopped pineapple and mangoes and a hint of white rum along with a delicious white wine for the boozy touch. Also add papaya to the drink to enhance the cocktail’s tropical finish.

Kir Royale

While sangria is a drink more popular in Spanish regions than in the French, the latter have their own version of a fruity drink in the form of kir royale which is prepared using blackcurrant liqueur and champagne or any other sparkling wine. The drink is a rather sophisticated take on citrus elements coming together with wine and is most often served as a pre-dinner aperitif to boost your appetite.


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