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Exploring Six Frozen Cocktails For A Summer Cool Down

Exploring Six Frozen Cocktails For A Summer Cool Down

As the summer weather bears down upon us with its increasing heat and sweltering temperatures, a welcome respite from the sweaty season are delicious frozen cocktails, or drinks made by blending boozy concoctions with crushed ice. Frozen cocktails are a delight at any summertime pool party or barbecue where you lounge on hammocks or comfy chairs and sip and chew on this drink simultaneously because the crushed ice often gets caught between your teeth. The blended ice ensures your drink comes to you chilled and stays so for a prolonged time so you can let its boozy kick set in at a leisurely pace.

Frozen cocktails can be prepared by turning your classic recipes into iced slushies and involves the simple process of pouring a margarita or mojito and some crushed ice into a blender to mix them up until the drink acquires the right consistency. However, you might have to introduce slight variations in the recipes such as adding certain toppings like muddled mint as garnishes because blending them might make their flavours too overpowering.

Here are some cocktails that can be turned into frozen boozy drinks with minor alterations to their recipe for cooling you down during summers:

Frozen Mojito

Preparing a frozen mojito means you can bring ingredients like white rum, lime juice and simple syrup together with crushed ice and blend it all to prepare a slushie. If you want to tone down the intensity of the mint used in the recipe, just use mint leaves muddled in lime juice as a garnish for your mojito slushie. This cocktail requires a lot of ice in its preparation so ensure you use a generous 60 ml pour of white rum to retain the drink’s boozy kick. You can prepare these frozen mojitos in larger batches for any summer pool party you plan.

Exploring Six Frozen Cocktails For A Summer Cool Down

Frozen Grasshopper

Made from crème de menthe, heavy cream and a hint of banana liqueur, this is a very indulgent drink that tastes rather like a boozy milkshake when served in frozen form. Do away with the traditional cacao crème and instead use dark chocolate shavings as a garnish so you can enjoy this refreshing drink with its sweet, fresh and subtly bitter flavour profile. The welcoming light green hues and minty freshness of this drink are the perfect quencher for taming the summer heat.

Margarita Slushie

Use a premium Don Julio Blanco tequila to craft a batch of margaritas and add lots of ice to the mix before blending it into its frozen form. Margarita variations abound so you can make a sweet and spicy slushie by sprinkling paprika as a garnish if you want to add a flavourful surprise to your drink. Such a frozen margarita is a rejuvenating cocktail to serve when you host a tiki party or island party during summer.

Frozen Piña Colada

Adding coconut cream to crushed ice creates a divine combination that is thoroughly irresistible. Bring into this recipe some quality white rum and just a hint of pineapple juice and what you have is a tropical frozen delight that will prove extremely refreshing as the summer heat engulfs you. Serve these slushie-like piña coladas garnished with pineapple chunks to add to your drink a tart and sweet flavour note.

Exploring Six Frozen Cocktails For A Summer Cool Down


Another summertime delight, this drink uses Baileys Original Irish Cream and some kahlua to prepare a cocktail that tastes like a thick, boozy milkshake. You can also add some rum to this indulgent recipe to introduce more of a tropical quality into the mix. Crushed ice enhances the creamy qualities in the drink, giving it a thicker consistency resembling a luxurious frozen dessert.

Frozen Aperol Spritz

A coming together of aperol, prosecco and some club soda, this cocktail is an elixir in a glass during warm climes. The frozen drink works as a rejuvenating aperitif that can be savoured before dinner at a cocktail evening in summer. You can also add some orange juice or orange blossom water to pack the drink with a sour and tart citrus zest that is perfect for combating the heat wave.


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