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Festive Hosting: How To Plan A Retro Disco Night At Home

Retro Disco Night Festive House Party Ideas

Winter's earliest tidings and the festive season mean family and friends gathering for good food, music and above all, dance parties! If you are playing host to such a high octane evening, a retro disco night would promise a glittery homage to the 1970s era. Nightclubs, dance music, electric pianos and guitars were all the rage back then, everything from punk to pop was lit, and disco was all about swaying to these energetic beats on the dance floor.

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A retro disco night would be reminiscent of the Studio 54 vibe with its glittery disco bulbs, mirror balls and floor lights. From the coolest playlist to shimmery lights to an abundance of cocktails, this is the perfect blend of chic modern and old school boogie! Read on for some quick tips to plan a retro disco night for the next grand event you host:

Disco Party Outfits

A disco-themed evening is all about going retro, with shimmery, sparkly, bright, metallic dresses, jumpsuits, platform boots and tie dye shirts! Basically, wear gear in which you would be able to dance, and make it flashy enough. You can also opt for satin shorts and halter neck tops. Give your hair a bit of frizz and a few errant curls to dress like a 1970s disco diva!

Disco Lights

Turn your home into a nightclub with the ultimate party ambiance. Bring in lots of twinkling fairy lights, floor lights, a mirror ball, sparkly bulbs and studio lights. In fact, mount the mirror ball on the ceiling so that it reflects the light from the scores of bulbs throwing whimsical, abstract patterns on the walls.

Disco Drinks

Serve a groovy Grapefruit Fizz, Disco Daiquiri, Psychedelic Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise, all of which would offer your guests a slice of the 1970s disco scene. Jazz up the drinks with neon straws or disco ball stirrers to add a bit of funk. A bottle or two of Tanqueray No. Ten Gin or a Kettle One Premium Distilled Vodka are must-haves for disco cocktail mixology!

Silent Disco

You can either rent or ask your guests to bring apparatus to host a silent disco that allows everyone to literally dance to their own tunes. Guests can sway to a throwback playlist and mix in some modern dance music. Give your 1970s theme party a slightly socially conscious twist with a silent disco.

Disco Bites

A retro disco party has to have ample food so guests are never low on dance energy! Go for classic bar bites like fries and gravy, cheese fondue and cheesy jalapeño poppers. Make sure the snacks are sumptuous but not so filling as to make guests sluggish! Finish off the meal with desserts like rum balls or a black forest cake.

Disco Dance Floor

You have to have a dance floor at a retro disco party. And it has to be the highlight of the evening! Clear up a large space in your drawing room to accommodate your dancing guests and fill it up with floor lights and bulbs as well as confetti which rains down on them as they groove!

Disco Music

The disco era was all about the emergence of a counterculture which responded to the criticism faced by dance music with energetic and funky beats that were hard to resist. What would make your retro disco night the perfect evening is most simply a selection of the best disco music from the 1970s. Add Bee Gees, Kool and The Gang, Diana Ross, Chic and of course The Jacksons to the party playlist.

Wrapping up…

An epic dance party to the tune of retro disco would raise the roof at any gathering. Glittery dresses, curly hair dos, retro cocktails and dazzling lights are essential to up the bar of your disco rave!

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