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Festive Hosting: Roll Out Your Ethnic Wear For A Pakistani Drama-Themed Soiree

TV Drama Themed Party

We all have drooled over the dreamy eyes of a certain actor and the innocent visage of a particular belle of Pakistani TV drama (both of whom shall remain unnamed!) as we revelled in the perfect love sagas unfolding on screen. We have also been enamoured for long by the flowing cotton and silk salwar kameezes and the shapely achkan sherwanis flashing on our TVs, dreaming of lofty romantic ideals never to be realised. And while the star casts and their love pairs have held us in their thrall, the food culture of this region experienced on screen and off has been no different. The cuisine of a traditional Pakistani dawat is just as inviting and appealing.

This holiday season, as you organise your home hosting calendar, think back to a Pakistani drama akin to Humsafar or Sadqay Tumhare which have induced those tingling romantic sensations and plan a soiree to celebrate these beautiful love themes. You can play host to a lovely evening revolving around the loves, betrayals and social questions explored by a quintessential Pakistani drama, paired with a stunning dawat, or feast that is perfect for a festive treat.

Here are some home hosting hacks that you can employ to host a Pakistani drama-themed soiree:

Plan Your Dawat

A delicious feast is the most sought after prospect of a dramatic soiree themed around Pakistani dramas. Go all out and plan a sumptuous spread featuring classics like mutton seekh kebabs, chicken biryani, dahi bhalay and murgh musallam served with warm flatbreads including butter naan and paratha. Pair the mains with spicy and flavourful salan, kachumbar salad and raita made from sweet curd. Also serve some jeera rice and dal for those who prefer slightly milder dishes. You can recreate the curries, missi rotis and biryanis often featured in Pakistani serials to infuse a bit of drama into your dinner menu.

Ethnic Attire At Pakistani TV Drama

Ethnic Attire

When you are hosting a soiree of this kind, dress to fit your overarching theme and add a dramatic flourish to the evening. Mention the dress code while sending out dinner invites too so guests can come decked up in long salwar kameezes, achkan sherwanis or chiffon sarees. Dripping pearls, charming sparkly necklaces, twinkling anklets would serve as splendid accessories on the flowing kurtis and kameezes. Intricately embroidered dupattas and shawls would suit this ethnic theme, so when guests come dressed for the feast, they can revel in all the drama of Pakistani romances heightened by their flowy robes and vibrant fabrics.

Mocktail Concoctions

For your Pakistani dawat, get creative with your mocktail game and serve an array of flavourful drinks like rose syrup sherbet, sweet lassi, lemonade or even some saffron infused milk. When guests arrive, greet them with an aromatic and steaming cup of masala chai full of the soothing properties of spices like cinnamon, cardamom as well as a hint of tulsi.

Colourful Throws At Dinner Party

Colourful Throws And Decor

If you have binged on Pakistani TV dramas, you would know that the colour schemes and textures in the serials follow a vibrant mix of bright hues and soft fabrics coupled with warm, cosy lights that exude a rather dramatic, sombre but romantic ambience. You can recreate a similar feel in your home with soft yellow dimmers, colourful throws and rugs in hues of red, pink, green and gold adorning your sofas and place fresh flowers, some lamps and wooden furnishing to complete this television-like setting. Also use floral fresheners so that when guests step into your home, they are immediately transported on the set of a drama in which something unexpected is about to unfold.

An Evening Of TV Romance

For an elevated dramatic touch, you can host a screening of a select few scenes from your most favourite TV dramas to entertain your guests. Arrange for a big screen set-up in your den or drawing room so guests can watch an episode or two of their favourite shows while sipping on some warm chai. Go for a beautiful scene from Humsafar, Dastaan or Suno Chanda to get your guests into an evening vibe rife with love, passion, family drama and overflowing emotions.

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