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Try These 5 Champagne Alternatives For Memorable Wedding Toasts

Five Alternatives To Champagne For Making Wedding Toasts Memorable

Toasts are one of the most anticipated events in any wedding because they actually involve some interaction and engagement with the wedding party. Those attending the bridegroom’s special day can revel in the stories and memories shared by their best persons and loved ones during their speeches and feel the love and connection that engulfs the room on such beautiful days. Toasts are inevitably a memorable moment during weddings yet there are some ways in which you can make them remarkable too.

One of the ways to make a toast successful is to write and deliver a killer speech. This will require serious efforts from the wedding party who has the power to reduce guests to happy tears even as they smile through the overwhelming emotions. Other alternatives, although less abstract, are definitely just as interesting and involve playing around a little with the classic champagne flutes and drinks that are served during a traditional toast.

Read on below to know more about some alternatives to champagne flutes that can make your wedding toasts memorable:

Sparkling Wine Options

Although champagne is a classic drink served at toast time, you can dabble a little more with different drinking alternatives to keep a bottle or two of prosecco or Spanish cava in store for toast time. These sparkling drinks and bubblies are fruitier and tangier alternatives to the classic bubbly and can add a bit more rejuvenation into your toasts. Besides, serving glasses sparkling seductively with a delicious sparkling wine like rosé will also introduce a more romantic feel into the wedding reception.

Five Alternatives To Champagne For Making Wedding Toasts Memorable

Signature Couples Cocktails

Another way to experiment with toasting options is to serve signature couple cocktails during toasts that are curated specifically according to the personalities of the bridegroom. You can either mix two separate cocktails for the couple or prepare one cocktail symbolising their lasting love. And when the time for toasts draws near, make sure all the guests have a glass featuring delectably sweet, tangy and sour offerings made from citrus juices, grenadine or other sweet syrups as well as premium liquors that resonate with the bridegroom.

Dessert Wines

If you are planning to hold toasts during the meal, the best moment is when the dessert course is served so guests have a sweet treat to munch on during the speeches. Accompanying these treats will be dessert wines like port, riesling and sauternes which are celebratory enough to raise as toasts to the happy couple. Alternatively, you can also think of sweet and sour cocktails served with the dessert for toasting that will definitely be remembered long after the wedding is over.

Sharing Wine Cups

In the olden days, toasting was more about enjoying the experience of drinking wine together in a show of trust. These wines would generally be savoured in communal cups so every person at the table would take a sip and circulate the glass in true camaraderie. As you raise your toast to the happy couple, you could do so in shared wine cups so you can revive an age old tradition symbolising friendship, love and solidarity.

Five Alternatives To Champagne For Making Wedding Toasts Memorable

Serving Wine In Goblets

Another way to make your toasts remarkable is to serve wines in goblets like they would in ancient times. The goblets polished with gold or copper outer coatings would resemble a bygone period adding just a touch of drama and intrigue to an otherwise modern wedding. You can serve some delectable reds doing away with a classic champagne flute to infuse more depth and a period feel into the wedding toasts.

DIY Cocktails

Yet another interesting toasting option is to get guests to make their own signature mixes that they feel are celebratory enough to mark this important moment. Lay out ingredients like citruses, bitters, simple syrup, elderflower liqueur, absinthe and some quality spirits like a Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka, a Singleton of Glendullan and a Don Julio Blanco along with a stunning garnish spread to craft these mixology treats.


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