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Five Cocktails With 'Sonth' As The Star Ingredient

Ginger Cocktail

Even if you happen to be an experienced globetrotter with tales of culinary prowess, nothing will prepare you for the delightful jolt of discovering sonth—or a spicy ginger and tamarind chutney—as a cocktail ingredient. This condiment, typically found adding zing to Indian snacks, is today’s secret weapon behind the bar. With its spicy-sweet profile, this chutney adds a new dimension to classic recipes, contributing to the canon of cocktails inspired by Indian kitchens.

Here are five cocktails where sonth, the unlikely star, shines:

The Gingered Manhattan

Let's kick off with a twist on the classic Manhattan. Stir together 50 ml of Black Dog Black Reserve with 20 ml sweet vermouth and a generous splash of sonth syrup. The usual cherry garnish makes way for a thin slice of candied ginger. The sonth adds a warm, spicy undertone that teases the bourbon's rich complexity, creating an unforgettable drink.

Ginger Fiesta Tequila

The herby flavour profile of 50 ml of Don Julio Reposado tequila meets the warm spice of 20 ml sonth. Finding balance with 20 ml of fresh orange juice and 10 ml of agave syrup, this delicious cocktail packs a bigger punch when sprinkled with some cayenne pepper. Shake all ingredients with ice, then pour into a rocks glass over more ice, garnished with a twist of orange.

Ginger Cocktail

The Spiced Mule

Here's a fun one: a reimagined Moscow Mule with a sonth infusion. In a copper mug, mix 60 ml Smirnoff Red Vodka, 15 ml of lime juice, and a generous drizzle of sonth. Top with Black and White Ginger Ale and garnish with a sprig of mint. This genius drink combines several layers, such as the sourness of the lime, the earthy sweetness of tamarind and the sharpness of the ginger beer, in a delightful mélange.

Sonth Pineappletini

Who says a martini can't have a spicy side? Combine 50 ml of crisp Tanqueray No. 10, 10 ml of dry vermouth, 30 ml of pineapple juice, a spoonful of sonth, and a pinch of black salt. This concoction, served in a chilled martini glass with a twist of orange peel, channels elegance with an unexpected edge. The combination of black salt and sonth reminds you of fried Indian snacks, best enjoyed with an assortment of delectable chutneys and pickles.

Fruity Paradise Vodka

Picture a refreshing cocktail where 50 ml Smirnoff Green Apple vodka joins hands with 15 ml sonth, swirled together with 30 ml of fresh apple juice and a dash of lime juice. Shake it up with ice, strain into a highball glass filled with more ice, and top it off with a splash of Gordon’s tonic water. sonth-infused Apple Mocktail

Did you think we were going to leave the non-drinkers behind? No chance. Join the fun by whipping up this healthier treat. Add 30 ml of green apple syrup to 15 ml sonth. Add another 30 ml of fresh apple juice, and finish off with a squeeze of lime. Shake these together with ice, strain into an ice-filled highball glass, and crown it with a generous topping of Gordon’s tonic water. Garnish with crisp apple slices and a cinnamon stick for a gourmet finish.

Cocktails are fun only when you remember the flavours the next day, so you can recreate them at home! Savour these responsibly, letting the sonth tingle your taste buds lazily.

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