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These 5 Fruit Punch Cocktails Are An Ode To The Land South Of The Vindhyas

Five Seasonal Fruit Punch Cocktails Featuring Southern Indian Fruits

Summer in the tropics hits in full force with sweltering heat, lots of sweat and a slight humidity that become markers of the warm weather. This is the time to devour cooling, hydrating potions like sherbets, juices and infused waters to up your intake of essential salts and cooling elements that make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. And come winters and monsoons, one opts for drinks that soothe and warm you up amidst the falling temperatures. Across changing weathers, what works as a foolproof recipe to prepare stunning punch drinks is to use seasonal fruits that are in full bloom in those particular climes.

Using seasonal fruits to prepare punch means you are in tune with nature’s offerings and end up devouring the best produce available at that time. Fruit punch is a very popular cocktail across many parties and gatherings because of its fresh flavours and tangy textures. Moreover, this cocktail can be prepared in different seasons using varied fruits and a splash of quality rum or brandy, no matter the weather. And in the Indian subcontinent, such produce varies across regions so that the southern parts celebrate different fruits across seasons than their northern neighbours.

Read on below to know more about some of the seasonal fruit punch cocktails that can be prepared using southern Indian fruits:

Citrusy Orange Punch

In many parts of southern India, oranges are cultivated on a large scale by horticulturists for export as well as for local markets. Ripe, juicy oranges are the highlight of the winter season in southern India where cool climes are in fact very pleasing and welcome after the humidity of the monsoons. A cocktail concoction that can be prepared using this fruit when it is in season is the orange punch full of the tangy, sour and bitter quality of the citrus juice coupled with the intense and slightly spicy flavours of a premium Captain Morgan Dark Rum. You can also add a splash of brandy to the recipe if you want to pack the drink with more buzz. Try to use freshly squeezed orange juice to make a punch devoid of excess sugar.

Five Seasonal Fruit Punch Cocktails Featuring Southern Indian Fruits

Chikoo And Mint Punch

Sapotas or chikoos arrive in autumn in the southern parts of the Indian subcontinent, their deep brown colour and sweet taste making a welcome appearance on your breakfast table. Incorporate this seasonal fruit into your cocktail game by making a chikoo and mint infused punch. You can either opt for a traditional rum and brandy mix to craft this fruit punch or go for a sparkling wine like prosecco poured over muddled mint and chikoo to celebrate this seasonal flavour.

Tropical Summer Punch

In southern India, summers mean the arrival of lots of different juicy fruits like watermelons, pineapples, mangoes and on occasion even passion fruit, that can be easily incorporated into punch recipes. While making a tropical summer punch, be generous with your fruit juices and spices like cinnamon and star anise which add a layer of intensity to an otherwise cool drink. Use Captain Morgan Dark Rum to craft a drink reminiscent of the tropical Caribbean shores.

Five Seasonal Fruit Punch Cocktails Featuring Southern Indian Fruits

Mango Infused Mixed Fruit Punch

A traditional punch recipe involves mixing spirits with spices, citruses and aromatics. But when you put a fruity spin on such a mix, you can always add lots of different flavours which elevate the profile of a simple concoction. While crafting such a mixed fruit punch, highlight the flavours of the mango in summer using juices, chunks of the fruit or even aamras as soon as the fleshy, sweet fruit arrives in all its glory.

Jackfruit Punch

Another summer delicacy in southern India is the jackfruit. This fleshy fruit with a thorny outer skin has a very distinct taste and smell which is often considered to be a delight among the local populace. You can add jackfruit flesh to punch recipes if you enjoy its subtly sweet taste and utterly soft texture. Pour generous helpings of a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka to elevate the taste of this seasonal fruit.


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