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Here Are Tips For Every Style When You Want To Design Your Own Home Bar 

Here Are Tips For Every Style When You Want To Design Your Own Home Bar 

New year is the time for resolutions, for setting a goal or developing a habit and walking towards it with consistency. A new beginning is also the time to kick start something fun and pursue a hobby or interest that has for long been on your to-do list. For a connoisseur of fine spirits, there is perhaps no other joy of a new beginning than immersing oneself in the journey of curating a home bar, designing and sourcing materials which will adorn the liquor cabinet and putting together accessories that complete this indulgent decor.

When designing a home bar, there are a number of styles you can choose from. There’s a more classic approach to liquor settings replete with mahogany bars and wooden stools or a modernist design involving stone and glass. There’s also a rather fun vibe involved in designing a tiki home bar with bamboo and rattan furniture or a bar nestling amidst bookshelves for the bibliophile amongst us. Either way, there are some essential tips and tricks that can come in handy while putting together this bit of home decor.

Read on below for some insights that can come in handy when you design your home bar, no matter the style you settle upon:

Choose And Source Quality Furnishing

Whether it is a modernist, nautical, classical or book-themed bar, one of the most necessary components of this space is furnishings. The material you choose and the furniture you source will be the principal elements declaring the vibe and theme of your home bar. Try to settle on minimalistic and sleek stainless steel or glass for a modern touch or some darker elements like deep woods and heavy stools if you want a classic library setting. Once you have settled on a theme, spend some time choosing and sourcing the furnishing most suited to the overall vibe.

Here Are Tips For Every Style When You Want To Design Your Own Home Bar

Stocking Up On Glassware

Whatever the theme, another important aspect of any liquor cabinet or home bar is the glassware in which you would serve drinks. While curating a tiki bar, have plenty of tiki mugs and other unconventional wooden or bamboo containers in stock to stick to the theme. But be a tad practical too and go for quality glassware that is slightly more conventional but very useful especially when you host a large gathering and run out of your thematic elements. Such premium glassware will also come in handy when you decide to shake things up and change the venue of a party from indoors to your patio or garden.

Bar Accessories Galore

An interesting tip for every style of bar design is to source lots of bar accessories to cater to the mixology enthusiast within you. This means you can indulge in choosing and purchasing shakers, jiggers, bottle openers, stirrers that are well-suited to the bar style but also become collectibles with slight customisations. From engraved openers to personalised shakers, there’s a ton of ideas you can employ to customise your bar.

Here Are Tips For Every Style When You Want To Design Your Own Home Bar

Mixed Colours

Sometimes, when you are designing a bar in a breakfast nook or in a part of your den, you can mix it up with vibrant colours or different shades of wood to introduce a bit more depth into the interiors. The bar acquires a bit of intrigue and ends up featuring different complementary elements like wood cabinets with glass panes which showcase all your collectible glassware.

Add A Personal Touch

From movie posters to custom made artworks to paintings and crafts made out of barware, add a bit of your own personality to your bar. This can include a select collection of wines or liqueurs, a statement art or sculpture, a metallic element or even some natural components like tree barks or pine cones or bonsai that introduce your signature style into the design. 


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