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Here’s A Guide To Pairing Bushwick Cocktail With Food

Bushwick food pairings

Let’s throw the rulebook out the window and chat about throwing a bash that’s all about good vibes, great company, and a cocktail that’s set to steal the show – the Bushwick. Imagine this: you’ve got your mates coming around, and you want to impress but keep things laid back. Here’s where we mix things up, quite literally, with a twist on the classic cocktail and food pairings that are anything but ordinary.

First up, the star of the evening, the Bushwick. We’re crafting this beauty with a splash more spirit than you might be used to – think along the lines of a 45 ml pour of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Mix that with 10 ml of sweet vermouth, a 5 ml dash of maraschino liqueur for a subtle cherry kick, and a few dashes of bitters. Stirred, not shaken, and served up with a twist.

Now, onto the grub:

Charcuterie and Cheese

charcuterie board

Charcuterie and Cheese: Kick things off with a charcuterie board that's not shy on flavour. We're talking punchy aged cheddars, smoky goudas, and spiced-up cured meats. This combo of salty and creamy is a knockout with the Bushwick’s bold vibes.

For the Meat Aficionados: How does juicy, grilled lamb chops sound, with a sidekick of rosemary-infused new potatoes? The smoky lamb is a match made in heaven with the Bushwick, setting the stage for some serious flavour fireworks.

Seafood Squad: Scallops seared to golden perfection with a splash of lemon butter sauce, pairing up with the Bushwick like a dream. Fancy switching the whisky? Singleton's smoothness is a fab alternative, offering a lighter but equally memorable punch.

Vegetarian Delight

mushroom rissotto

Who said veggies had to be boring? Whip up a wild mushroom risotto that’s so creamy and rich, it’ll make even the most devoted meat-lover pause. The earthy flavours here complement the Bushwick’s complexity in a way that’s simply sublime.

Sweet Ending

Now, for dessert, let’s not do the expected. How about a platter of artisanal chocolate with fruit, nuts and nougat filling? The sweetness, the tang, and the creaminess offer the perfect counterbalance to our star cocktail.

Creating the right vibe is crucial; think of your place as that cool, underground bar everyone wants to be in. Low lighting, a playlist that’s all chill hits and classics with a twist, and an array of comfy seating options set the scene for a night that’s relaxed yet utterly chic.

Remember, hosting the perfect bash is less about sticking rigidly to what’s expected and more about creating a space where everyone feels like they can kick back, enjoy some top-notch food and drink, and just be themselves. It’s about crafting those moments that linger in the memory long after the last glass is drained.