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Here’s How To Up Your Bar Game With A Cosy 'Cocktail Corner' In Your Home

By: Neelanjana Mondal

Cocktail corner at home

With the pandemic like a haunting and distant memory for most of us, it is hip to chill in pyjamas with a peg or two cradled in one’s hand. More like we love that for ourselves instead of going out, not to mention it is cost-effective. To enhance the feel-good factor of such moments, why not create a cosy cocoon for yourself where you can curl in with your pet, a book or film and sip away at deliciousness?

Mini cabinet or freezer

Depending on the kind of tipples you are stocking on, pick either a mini freezer or a cabinet that can hold the ones you prefer to drink in your cosy nest. Customise the cabinet to your liking to reflect the general decor of the room you set up the cocktail corner.


Fairy lights, those hanging tufts of cloudy cloth or those intricate paper lanterns; take your pick to create the ambient lighting that transforms your usual space into something intimate. The lights should be bright enough to illuminate the space but soft enough to not glare or light everything up. This will mimic the lighting used in bars and get you in the mood to unwind.

portable shelves and cart

Portable cart or shelves

The plan is for you to move less and maximise the mobility of the liquors. Pick anything with wheels like a dainty bar cart or trolley to wheel your second or third helping of liquor to yourself. You can also store some glassware and equipment with a bucket of ice for your wine. If mobility is not an issue, you can have two shelves installed in your corner to keep the liquor, cocktail pitcher or glasses. You can also store your books and any preserves you might need to add to your drink.

cushions to light up the corners

Colourful cushions

A cosy cocktail corner is incomplete without soft as tuft cushions; keep enough of them to support your waist, back and one for your lap and feet. The aim is to make it cosy enough that you feel reluctant to leave the space. The cushions will do the trick; you could also go for soft toys shaped like cushions to keep things fun.

Room Divider

Separate this corner from the rest of the room by setting up a large room divider. Contrast it with the decor, that sticks out but somehow complements your space, so it blocks out the corner from the view from other angles of the room. This is why you need to pick the corner wisely, away from the door so you’re free from the anxiety of someone walking in.

Armchairs for comfort

Plush armchairs and ottomans

Go full lounge mode and keep an armchair or two, in the corner, with the cushions mentioned before. Add an ottoman to rest your feet on them or sit when you get tired of sitting in one space. Depending on the season, you might want to keep a throw nearby, perhaps on the armrest to cover yourself when you feel chilly.


You need a plush rug that feels soft enough to put you to sleep instantly. Get a big one that complements the accents of your cocktail corner. If your cosy nook is something as bright as a toddler’s art, get an opposite subdued rug. If you've chosen a more muted look, then get a bright rug with splashes of colour to highlight the whole look of the space.


Connect your phone or device to a speaker or two, best would be to have in-built ones that echo the sound beautifully. Use them to play your favourite tunes that help you get in the mood to drink, read or watch movies. If your speakers aren't inbuilt keep your personal speaker in a space where it doesn't draw much attention and distributes the sounds equidistantly.

plants for a personal touch

Personal touches

This ain't a cosy commercial bar. Add small plants, cactuses, florals or succulents to the shelf you might have put up. Put a clock that is small enough to be overlooked but big enough to show you the time when your rest is timed. Add art pieces, candles, potpourri and anything else that makes your senses relax.


Now that your space is set, how about showing it off to your closest circle and enjoy your drinks in silence, bingeing on series, having movie marathons and sharing joy, mirth and nostalgia and enjoying each other's company. 

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