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Here's How You Can Make DIY Red-And-Green Shooters For Your Christmas Party

red and green shooters

Planning on throwing a wild, raucous Christmas party at home? During the holiday season, there’s a flurry of cousins, relatives and friends waltzing in and out of the house. Among the many festive home-hosting events, there is always that one party at which you can go just a tad bit crazy, to raise the roof until the wee hours of the following day. When you are hosting such an event, it is super easy and fun to abide by the festive theme and build layered shooters and flavourful, colourful shots right at your home bar to mark the festivities. Mix quality spirits with Christmas-time ingredients like peppermint schnapps, spices, gingerbread and cookie crumble to concoct shooters carrying a strong buzz that feels like a holiday sparkle on your tongue.

One of the most interesting ways to make these festive shots is to adopt a red and green theme befitting the season’s traditional revelries. Along with green wreaths and red flowers, bring out red and green shot glasses and fill ‘em up with tasty shooters to celebrate all things jolly. These shooters will pack a bit of a kick so if you want to have an amazing time at a Christmas do, take a shot and dance through the night for a smooth, light buzz.

Here are some delicious shooters that you can prepare using crafty DIY hacks to tune into the Christmas spirit and make your home bar aglow with all things red and green: 

Watermelon Jingle Bell Shot

With ample red and pinkish hues, you can make this shooter by mixing watermelon-flavoured vodka with cranberry juice and melon liqueur. Alternatively, pour premium Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka and a hint of watermelon juice into a shot glass for a pink tinge. Drown this jingle bell shot in a gulp and enjoy a tangy melony aftertaste along with a delicious vodka burn.

Christmas Cranberry Shooter

christmas cranberry

Get creative with the whole idea of the blood of the Lord and make a boozy cranberry shot either with berry-flavoured vodka or with a mix of cranberry juice and quality Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka. The cranberry shot will carry a hint of tang that is nicely complemented by some lime juice and triple sec. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and mix well before serving them in shot glasses. A cranberry shot is a delightful DIY recipe, so if you plan on being behind the bar at your house party, you can shake and pass around this showstopper shooter for sheer festive feels.

Grinchy Christmas Shot

You don’t have to be a Grinch to swallow this shot which can be concocted using a couple of different recipes. You can either make a Grinch shot with green apple vodka and peppermint schnapps or simply pour coconut rum and Hawaiian punch into a shaker. This deep green coloured drink is perfect to kickstart a Christmas party. Rim your shot glass with sprinkles to add sweet and tart notes to the shot.

Candy Cane Shot

Make this delightfully festive and lip-smacking shot using peppermint schnapps and grenadine syrup. Another option is to add white liqueur to the recipe to give it an elevated kick. Mix all the ingredients in a shaker before pouring them into a shot glass. Rim the glass with green sprinkles or crushed candy canes for a delightful red and green Christmas look.

Half and Half Shot

Make a layered red and green shot using grenadine syrup and green apple and pear-flavoured kinky green vodka for a two-coloured shooter which screams Christmas. You can prepare this very easily at a home bar by layering a shot glass with the ingredients in order. Add crème de menthe for a refreshing flavour. Make sure you chill the shot glasses before preparing this decadent drink.

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