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Here's The Ultimate Gifting Guide For Your Good-Humoured Friends

wine bottle glass

Looking for a good-spirited gift for your friends who like to engage in a tipple ever so often? Below is a list of goofy products that will comically celebrate your friends' love for boozy indulgences and uplift their mood whenever they use them.

Wine Bottle Glass

The perfect gift for your friend who is a true wine connoisseur and a great sport. A wine bottle 'glass', which is basically an extended bottle that has a wine glass on top, will hopefully satiate your friend's love for a good pour of the drink. This product holds the entirety of a wine bottle, all of the 750 ml of the alcohol and lets the user enjoy the drink in a single serving (cough, cough*). It's an apt accessory for a night filled with binge, the right glassware (bottleware?) that the user can just carry with them as they move around a party, or spend a night watching a movie or relay a series. It's easy to hand wash and can be stored for later use.

Spin The Shot

A terrific party drinking game enabler where your friend needs to simply pour the shot and spin. The user can make up the rules and make this item the star of a night of parties and boozy get-togethers.

Hangover Tea

hangover tea

This gift will relieve your friend of regret about the previous night's 'sesh' or as the erstwhile partygoers would say 'debauchery'. This tea is a blend of green mate tea with notes of mango, citrus peel and sunflower blossoms and has a touch of pineapple fragrance. It contains a caffeine-like stimulant called mateine. The right cure after a night of indulgence that washes away any hint of guilt and only preserves fun memories.

The ‘Hangoevr’ Cookbook

A hilarious cookbook with the appropriate recipes to cure hangovers filled with witty liners and humorous quizzes that test your state of mind and progress in sobriety after you consume a dish as suggested from the book. It has recipes for your friend who wakes up snozzled and is perfectly primed to expand their taste. The recipes are customised to specific hangover maladies so your friend can pick the right dish to prepare. To break the monotony of a guidebook, it has lots of jokes, mind games and insights into hangover science that will draw your friend out of their inebriated state.

House Liquor Dispenser: 4-Bottle Drinks

This easy breezy liquor wall-mounted dispenser has four valves to which the user can attach bottles of their choice. A superb addition to your friend's /basement bar/home bar. It is the right gift for your friend who entertains a lot and is a proud collector of alcoholic wonders. Your friend can show off their sophisticated taste using this specialised chrome-coloured bar accessory. Their guests can easily access the liquor of their choice using the supreme dispenser which is fitted with ribbed bottle inserts and suction cups.

Quirky Tote Bag

quirky tote bag

A funny tote bag which you can fill with more liquor-related gifts to hand out after a gathering or party to your liquor-loving friends. With 'Day Drinker' printed across the bag, your friends are sure to catch attention and elicit a chuckle whenever they carry it with them. This is the bag they can proudly use when going for beer fests, cocktail parties or an impromptu boozy get-together with close friends.

'Punny' Motivational Poster

It's a poster for your friend who by Friday morning is yearning for the weekend to come. With 'Keep Your Gin Up' printed in stylish font on the poster, this 'tongue in cheek' gift will keep your friend's 'spirits' up with humour as they listlessly work through the week. Its an affectionate reminder to them that the Monday Blues and Wednesday Woes shall pass too.

While it's great to learn about alcoholic beverages and alcohol-infused foods, it is important to also consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.

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