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Eco-Friendly Home Bar - Creating A Sustainable Space At Home

One of the biggest home bar trends these years has less to do with the cocktails they serve and more about how you serve them. The goal is to establish a waste-free environment. But what exactly does that mean? People might think that their home bar doesn't have much of an impact, but there are many things that a home bartender can do to significantly improve the sustainability of their little nook for the best cocktails. Simple steps are the first motive in implementing sustainability in the home bar. 

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Steps for Your Home Bar

1. Avoid Using Plastic Straws And Napkins

Embracing sustainability in your home bar often begins with the simplest and most direct step, such as eliminating plastic straws and napkins. Consider using reusable metal or bamboo straws if a drink requires a straw like a Julep. If not, consider whether the drink needs a straw since it will prevent you from fully inhaling the aromas before you sip it.

2. Take Garnishes Into Account

Instead of a long, thick strip, more bars use citrus peel as a mocktail garnish. Delicately perched on clear ice, smaller fruits and herbs compose a symphony of aesthetics, merging beauty with sustainability while minimising waste. 

3. Accept The Seasons

Utilise locally sourced ingredients that are in season and easily accessible in your home bar by adopting the seasonal cocktail party menu. Use seasonal fruits if you're making a summertime version of a cocktail like the Prickly Pear Margarita Cocktail or an autumnal version with chestnut liqueur.

4. Revamp with Home Bar With Sustainability

Recycled Materials: Incorporate furniture and home bar decor from reclaimed wood, metal, or other recycled materials. Go for stools, shelving units, and tables that showcase the beauty of repurposed materials.


Live Plants: Bring a touch of nature indoors by placing potted plants on your bar counter or shelves. Plants not only add visual appeal but also improve air quality.

Reusable Glassware: Invest in high-quality, reusable cocktail glassware instead of disposable options. Look for glasses made from recycled glass or materials that have a lower environmental impact.

Use Empty Bottles Again: Spirit bottles can be reused as water bottles for infusing spirits or pre-batching cocktails like the Old Fashioned cocktail. It is convenient to store homemade syrups or shrubs in small glass bottles that once contained mixers.

Recycling Station: Set up a designated area for recycling glass bottles, cans, and other materials. This encourages sustainability and keeps your bar area organised.

5. Think About Consumables

The paper umbrella in your Pina Colada Cocktail or Tiki cocktail might initially seem harmless, but its days could be numbered soon. The home bar's inventory includes consumables, so using reusable items like coasters rather than paper napkins makes sense. Invest in long-lasting metal picks rather than buying disposable bamboo picks for cocktails.

Final Thoughts

Though it may have begun as a fad, sustainability is now becoming the norm. Applying sustainability in the home bar does not mean sacrificing quality, flavour, or appearance. However, making zero-waste cocktails may seem like the pinnacle of achievement. With time, you may question whether you need wasteful garnishes and how a product can have a second or third use. By this, you'll be well on creating sustainable cocktails at home. 

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