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Home Bar Essentials For Every Single Malt Aficionado In Town

By: Neelanjana Mondal

home barware for single malt afficionados

If you are a single malt aficionado you probably know that only 10 per cent of the world’s whisky has the pure single malt flavour, produced from the same distillery. The others are all blends from multiple distilleries, from different casks. Aged for at least three years in oak casks, the longer they age, the deeper the flavour is, which pushes up the price. If you are reading this, we assume you know your golden spirit quite well and are here to elevate your home bar.

whisky glasses

Invest in Glassware

Every different liquor needs a different kind of glass; like wines have their wineglasses and champagne their flutes, single malt also has different glasses that will enable you to savour its impeccable flavour. Tumblers are common, and quite a staple for anything whisky. Try the classic Glencairn glasses that have a beautiful bell-shaped bottom and a tapering top. Another kind you could go for would be the tulip glasses, with or without stems, we would recommend the ones without the stems. Good glassware not only elevates the experience of tasting the drink but also how the liquid hits your olfactory senses and taste buds. 

stoning your bar

Stoning Your Drink

We are not kidding; dropping a whisky stone or two lowers the temperature of your drink by a couple of degrees and unlike ice, they don’t melt and dilute your drink. They are usually known as soapstones and are mostly made of granite. You need to pre-chill them before adding them to your glass of whisky. 

home bar display

Work On Your Display

The top shelf is where the eyes of any guest usually rove when they view your home bar collection. So, make sure you put up your costliest and most robust-flavoured malts up there for them to bask in the limelight. We guarantee you they will be brought up in conversations between your fellow whisky lovers. 

bar tools for single malt lovers

Invest In Bar Tools

Beyond tasting them neat or with a diluting agent, you might want to try cocktails or other concoctions that will need some amount of bar tools. These will make your home bar look classier and more elegant. 

- Cocktail Shaker

A basic cocktail shaker will be enough, but you might want to invest in a cocktail shaker that is all-in-one and has insulated walls. This will keep the ice inside cold and zero condensation outside. It should also have a built-in strainer and be leakproof to avoid spillage while shaking. Otherwise, cocktail shakers come in two styles—the classic Boston shaker or the convenient cobbler style. The Boston shaker is a two-piece system with a metal tin that fits snugly over a pint glass, known for its speed and easy cleanup. The tight seal ensures minimal spillage during vigorous shaking. For home use though, a cobbler shaker may be preferable. This all-in-one design has a built-in strainer so no extra parts are needed.

- Jiggers

One is introduced to these even before having the first drink. Jiggers look like an unbalanced hourglass, typically made of metal to help measure drinks. One side measures 45ml and the other side 30ml. The larger shot side can go up to 60ml, those are the Japanese jiggers. Measuring cups also do the trick but you need a jigger for the aesthetics whether or not you use it. 

- Corkscrews and bottle openers

These are definitely essentials for your bar, usually single malt whiskys don’t have corks to plug their mouth and have a hassle-free cap. But you might get your hands on a rare variety that does, not to mention other alcohol like wines and beers that will need these two pieces of equipment. 

moulds for ice

Ice Moulds

If cold stones in your drinks sound unappealing to you then invest in ice moulds that produce beautiful solid spheres, cubes or even skulls. There are many artisanal moulds available in the market today that are a pocket pinch but a good investment. 

cutting board

Peeler And Cutting Boards

It is a good idea to separate the kitchen chopping boards and peelers to avoid any hint of food odour that could ruin the taste of your drinks. You need peelers and knives for the lemon and orange zests and cut them up to be beautiful garnishes. Graters and juicers will also come in handy to muddle and crush herbs and ingredients that cannot be added whole.

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