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Home Bartender Series - Guide To Bar Tools And Cocktail Glassware

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The correct equipment and glassware are more than just tools in the world of mixology. Your bar tools and glassware are unquestionably your best companions, whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic home bartender learning about mixology. As you assume the responsibilities of a home bartender, you must know that you are creating more than simply beverages; you are orchestrating experiences and creating lasting memories.

Bar Tools And Cocktail Glassware Guide

Five Essential Bar Tools

1. Cocktail Shaker Set

Cocktail Shaker Set
A cocktail shaker set traditionally consists of a shaking tin, a strainer and a cap. Get this bar tool trio in order and your cocktail shaker is ready to churn up some delicious shaken drinks at your home bar! This set would help you to make chilled and shaken drinks like Martinis, Margaritas and Cosmopolitans.  

2. Cocktail jigger

Cocktail jigger
A jigger is a bar tool which makes sure that your ingredients are metered with the highest degree of accuracy, and as you may know as a home bartender that precision is the lifeblood of mixology. The Sidecar, Moscow Mule, and Last Word all benefit from its dual-sided construction, which ensures the flavours blend harmoniously.

3. Muddler

A muddler is your go-to bar tool for creating drinks which have herbs, fruits or various citrus in the ingredients list. As a home bartender, you should learn the ways of how and when to use muddlers so that you can extract the essence of various herbs and fruits in your drink recipes like the classic Mojito and Mint Julep.

4. Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon
Another bar tool crucial for crafting recipes as a home bartender. The bar spoon with its long spiralled handle would help you to stir and mix ingredients without disturbing the overall balance of the drink. It is also really helpful in creating layers in your beautiful concoctions as well. It can be helpful while crafting classics like Negroni, Rob Roy and Sazerac to name a few. 

5. Citrus Zester

Citrus Zester
Want to introduce a burst of citrus and fruity essence into your drinks? The citrus zester bar tool is your answer! It can be used to extract oils from peels, enhancing drinks like the Lemon Drop, Tom Collins and Blue Lagoon. 

Five Essential Cocktail Glassware

1. Coupe glass

Coupe glass
A vintage masterpiece that adds the elements of glamour effortlessly to any occasion and bar menu, the coupe glass is perfect for serving stirred cocktails without ice. Use it for classic cocktails like Martini, Manhattan and French 75. 

2. Margarita glass

Margarita glass
The Margarita glass, distinguished by its broad, shallow bowl and salted rim, serves as the setting for zesty and vivid compositions. Margaritas, Daiquiris, and Paloma are paired perfectly with it.

3. Collins glass

The tall and slender composition of cocktail glasses like the Collins glass help to preserve the carbonation in drinks and thus is used for drinks with soda or other carbonated mixers. Use this cocktail glassware to serve drinks like Tom Collins, John Collins, Paloma or Sea Breeze.

4. Hurricane glass

Designed for tropical delights, the hurricane glass boasts a distinctive shape that accommodates layers of flavours and garnishes. It's the vessel of choice for concoctions like the Piña Colada, Hurricane, and Blue Hawaiian.

5. Tumbler glass/Old Fashioned glass

Tumbler glass
Another timeless piece of versatile cocktail glassware, the Tumbler glass or the Old Fashioned cocktail glass is perfect for cocktails over ice. From the Old Fashioned to the bold Negroni or the classic Whiskey Sour, the tumbler glass should be your cocktail glassware of choice. 

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