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Home Bartenders Sustainability Hacks Eco-Friendly Cocktail Ice

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Ice cubes, ice balls, and ice diamonds, cocktail ice comes in many shapes and sizes. As a home bartender, you must have dreamed of creating a cocktail at home that not only tastes delicious but looks stunning as well, impressing everyone at your house party. How you present your blend of flavours in your cocktail glasses goes a long way in showcasing your bartending chops. Taking special measures while placing, cutting, or even replacing the ice does wonders for the taste and appeal of your cocktail at home. 

Make Bar Drinks Suitably Sustainable

Environmental Impact of Traditional Cocktail Ice
It may not have occurred to you that buying loads of ice for your favourite cocktail can impact the environment. Traditional cocktail ice is, in fact, extremely damaging. Giant ice machines that are highly energy-intensive are used in the process, leading to increased carbon emissions. Moreover, transporting ice is not easy. It requires even more carbon-emissive practices and can cause an imbalance in our fragile ecosystem if left unchecked. 

Making the best cocktails at home, sustainably!

Sustainable Cocktail Ice-Making
1. Never use single-use
Single-use ice trays are the bane of sustainability. Forgo them and invest in reusable ones. This will not only benefit the environment but also your wallet.

2. Ice Blocks
If you don't care about the looks or are a master at chiselling ice, you can make a large ice block to avoid multiple freezing sessions. 

3. Moulds
Ice moulds are highly accessible and come in various shapes and sizes. Some moulds can offer you multiple options. Investing in a quality mould will make your homemade ice look better than store-bought alternatives.

4. Iceless Ice
You can completely omit the ice from your cocktail equation in certain ways. Here are a few:

a. Reusable Ice Cubes
Ice cubes made from stainless steel, silicone, or glass can be used for your cocktail at home, and to top it off, they look gorgeous in cocktail glasses. They will do the job without diluting your cocktails and while conserving water. 

b. Cool Ingredients
If you know that the cocktails you make will be consumed immediately, perhaps at a small house party, using pre-chilled ingredients will allow you to exclude the ice if you were using it for cooling purposes only. 

Sustainable Icing, Beautiful Cocktails

Sustainable Garnishing and Presentation
Becoming a sustainable home bartender means making meaningful choices at every step of your cocktail party. Embrace these sustainable tips and spread them around so we can keep raising glasses to a greener earth and to mixology for years to come. 

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