How Dry Ice Is Shaping The Cocktail Game

How Dry Ice Is Shaping Cover

Tired of the same old drinks? How about adding some excitement to your cocktail-sipping game? Are you a home bartender looking to add some fun element to your mixology adventures? Maybe you are hosting a cocktail party soon and are interested in unique and intriguing cocktail recipes. Well, whatever may be the case, you are in for luck! Dry ice has been shaking things up for quite some time and it’s trending in the cocktail scene. Without much further ado, we are going to give you a complete insight into how dry ice is a game changer in mixology! 

Crafting Cocktail Recipes Using Dry Ice

What is dry ice?

What is dry ice
It’s essentially carbon dioxide in solid form. It is primarily used as a cooling agent or a substitute for refrigeration for various things such as groceries, medical supplies, etc. In cocktail recipes, dry ice is an innovative concept. When added to the drink, as a garnish, it passes from solid form to gas form without turning into a liquid. It imparts a captivating smokey effect on the drinks.

How to use dry ice in cocktail recipes?

dry ice in cocktail recipes
It can add an exciting smokey effect to your home bartending creations. When you add the dry ice cubes to the cocktails, they begin to turn into a cloud of smoke and create a breathtaking effect of fog. It’s colourless, odourless and non-flammable. However, it’s not advised to touch dry ice with bare hands as it can frostbite or burn. Also, avoid consuming the drink before the dry ice completely sublimates or disappears. 

Storing dry ice at home bar

Storing dry ice at home bar
Dry ice vaporizer quickly, even if you store it in the freezer. The best way to use dry ice in your home bar is by purchasing it a few hours before your event or whenever you want to mix up a drink. 

1. Store it in insulated containers like ice chests or styrofoam containers. 
2. Make sure that it is not airtight. Keep the lid loosely closed leaving a little room for the gas to escape. If stored in airtight containers the gas will build up, eventually leading to a rapture or explosion. 
3. Keep it in a well-ventilated area since dry ice sublimates quickly and inhaling large amounts of CO2 gas in an enclosed space can cause respiratory problems. 
4. Drop the bag containing dry ice into the ground a couple of times to break it into small pieces. Typically one inch chunk of dry ice is enough for one cocktail. 

Safety tips for home bartenders

Safety tips for home bartenders
1. Dry is not toxic, however, prolonged exposure to its gas can lead to elevated levels of CO2 in the bloodstream. So, make sure to keep your windows and doors open. 
2. Purchase only good food-grade dry ice, so it’s not contaminated. 
3. Do not touch dry ice with bare hands. It can cause frostbite or burns.
4. Do not dispose of dry ice in garbage cans, toilets or sinks. The best way to dispose of dry ice is by letting it sublimate in a well-ventilated area. 
5. Protect your eyes and hands while dealing with dry ice. Use goggles, safety glasses or face shields to cover your eyes. Always wear insulated gloves while handling dry ice. 
6. Consume the drink only after the dry ice completely disappears from the drink.

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