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Winter Or Spring, An Outdoor Whisky Tasting Is The Perfect Seasonal Soiree

How To Host Outdoor Whisky Tasting in the Winter-Spring Crossover

The period during the transition from winter to spring is an experience. The slow awakening to hotter, longer days, melting of snow, the tweets of birds and little squirts of colour in nature provide incredible sensory encounters. It's also the perfect time to start stepping out of cosy cocoons and grab the opportunity to get warmed up by sensational whiskeys.

We are thinking: it’s time to host an outdoor whisky tasting. Your guests will get to taste exquisite spirits and enjoy the changing scenery.

Select A Suitable Location

Choose a spot where there is enough space for you to set up the spirits and glassware, and free room for the attendees to roam. Also consider factors such as accessibility, scenery, and legal permits. 

Get The Weather Forecast

Make sure the weather conditions are viable to host an outdoor event. A chill in the air is refreshing and energising but too much cold and wind will obstruct the event.

How To Host Outdoor Whisky Tasting in the Winter-Spring Crossover

Set Up The Tasting Venue

Arrange the tasting bar, tables, and chairs; set up spots for lighting, get the decorative items ready for D-day.

Create The Right Atmosphere

Use background music, lighting and seating arrangements in such a way that the ambience is relaxed and makes people comfortable quickly. Encourage conversations and mingling with the crowd.

Choosing The Whisky

Get a good collection that has a variety of whiskeys. Create tasting flights which can be vertical (spirits from the same distillery) or horizontal (spirits similar to each other which can be compared). You can consider factors such as age, use of different casks, region, and distilleries while choosing the whiskeys. Learn about the Super Clusters that classify different types of whiskeys. This will help you prepare well for the event.

Serving In The Right Glassware

The Glencairn glasses or any tulip-shaped glasses such as the ones used for white wines are ideal for tasting. They allow the flavours to concentrate within the glass which the drinker can smell and taste. Provide each participant with their own glass to avoid cross-contamination of flavours.

Arrange Tasting Accessories

Get tasting placemats or sheets which are marked with circles so that their drinks don't jumble up, eyedroppers to add water to the tasting sample, spit bucket for those who do not wish to swallow the spirit.

How To Host Outdoor Whisky Tasting in the Winter-Spring Crossover

Provide Palate Cleansers

Palate cleansers help reset the taste buds so that the different flavours do not blend together. Provide the attendees with bottled water or spring water which they use to cleanse their palates between tastings. Unsalted crackers or bread also act as good palate cleansers. 

Provide Guides

Share guides with the attendees which provide information about the whiskeys being tasted. The guide should have details about the spirits' origin, production process, tasting notes, and any factor that impacts their flavour profile. This will help elevate the attendees' experience.

Remind To Drink Responsibly

Give regular reminders to the attendees to drink responsibly. Provide sufficient water so that the participants stay hydrated. Ensure you have transportation options for those who might require the service.

While it's great to learn about alcohol and alcohol tasting, it is important to also consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.


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