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How To Set Up A DIY Fruit Punch Bar At Your Next Summer Party

How To Set Up A DIY Fruit Punch Bar At Your Next Summer Party

Summer parties are all about serving refreshing food and drinks that act as soothers to beat the sweltering heat. As well, when temperatures rise, we take our party planning endeavours to the poolside or into a garden where you can enjoy watching the sun set on warm evenings. At such times, what you most look forward to are cooling drinks and foods that would leave you feeling refreshed and not too stuffed in the rising heat. And what adds a bit more fun to the drinking stations at any such gathering are stunning fruit punches made from seasonal produce that ushers in the summer season.

A cool way to make this fruit punch cocktail into a more exciting affair is to set up a DIY bar at your summer party where guests can engage in preparing their own concoctions using the spirits, fruits and other mixers that you arrange for them. Not only does this become a fun activity at the gathering but it also allows guests to curate fruity drinks according to their preferences. A punch is traditionally made by bringing together different fruity and aromatic ingredients along with mulled wine, rum or brandy that is easily put together at this station.

Read on below to know more about how you can set up the DIY fruit punch bar at your party:

How To Set Up A DIY Fruit Punch Bar At Your Next Summer Party

Fresh Fruit Juices

To make fruit punch, the most basic ingredient is of course an array of fresh fruits that is going to add lots of sweet, sour, tangy and citrusy elements to your cocktail. So, when you set up your DIY cocktail station, make sure you have in store lots of fruit juices to prepare several variations like a tropical punch or a Hawaiian rum punch. What works many times is using freshly squeezed juices instead of the store bought version so you can cut down on excess sugar to make drinks that are flavoured potently with just a fruity taste. Arrange jars containing juices and pulps of some of the most sought after tropical summer fruits like mangoes, berries, pineapples, passion fruit and even tender coconut water among others.

Liquor Variations

Many different concoctions can be prepared using fruits that incorporate lots of liquors into the mix. This is because fruits have a very potent flavour and their juices can pack quite a lot of boozy, intense notes in the making of cocktail blends. At a DIY fruit punch bar, ensure you spread a range of spirits and liqueurs that will introduce an inviting buzz into your punch drink. Have in store some grenadine syrup, elderflower liqueur as well as some Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka, a bottle of Don Julio Blanco, a premium Captain Morgan Dark Rum along with chosen brandies and bourbons.

Vibrant Garnishes

How To Set Up A DIY Fruit Punch Bar At Your Next Summer Party

Adding a vibrant flourish to fruit punches are garnishes which enhance the refreshing qualities of the drinks. Evidently, fruit punch garnishes include lots of herbs, spices and chunks of cut up fruit that elevate the overall flavour profile of the drink. When you set up this station at your summer party, guests are going to indulge a lot in decorating their drinks with many different toppings. Spread out mint, cilantro, basil, cloves, cinnamon sticks and chunks of pineapples, mangoes, apple slices and chopped pears as delectable garnishes for your punch recipes.

DIY Recipe Cards

While many guests might be enthused by the prospect of curating their own drinks, there might be others among the crowd who would feel lost at the sight of so many spirits and mixers. A way to get these amateurs started on making their drinks is to write down recipe cards detailing the steps to mix your own drinks. This will help some of the budding mixologists to get a sense of different fruit and liquor pairings.

Build The Bar In Order

This is a basic organising hack that will create a good flow for your DIY mixology needs. Just as you build ingredients in order in a cocktail glass, arrange these elements on your DIY bar in the same sequence. Starting with liquors, move on to fruit juices and mixers and finish off with garnishes. Make sure you keep lots of shakers, muddlers, glasses and other bar accessories handy so guests can prepare their drinks efficiently.

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