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Hunger Games Quiz: Which ‘The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes’ Character Are You And What Is Your Most Suitable Drink

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As we get closer to the release of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes—the much-awaited prequel to The Hunger Games—we wanted to pay homage to a childhood favourite series. Few stories understood dystopia better, and The Hunger Games seems almost prophetic considering today’s world. And if there’s one thing we resonate with in the story, it’s the layers and craft that went into it. 

Any good mixologist can tell you about layers and craft in their drinks. So our tribute (pun intended) to this series comes in the form of a quiz: we’ll tell you which Songbirds and Snakes character you are, and we’ll give you a masterfully done cocktail to go with it. Sit back, relax, and gear your screens up for the big release!

How to take the quiz:

You’ll have to do some math from here on out. For every option you pick, add up the corresponding option numbers to get your final tally. For example, if you pick options 1, 2, and 3, your final tally will be 6, which will determine your result.

Q1. What would your preferred distraction be in the Capitol?

1.     Observing the extravagant parties

2.     Creating and performing content

3.     Conducting scientific experiments

4.     Meditation and mindfulness

Q2. What would your motivation be to excel in your field?

1.     A desire for power

2.     A pursuit of artistic expression

3.     A quest for knowledge

4.     A dedication to being unique

Q3. How would you react to The Games as a spectator?

1.     Strategically analysing the tributes’ skillsets

2.     Creating art to inspire the tributes

3.     Studying human behaviour under extreme conditions

4.     Marveling at the aesthetics leading up to the event

Q4. If you were in the Games, what would your weapon of choice be?

1.     A dagger

2.     A bow and arrow

3.     Your presence of mind

4.     Your bare hands

Q5. What would your strategy be to gain sponsors?

1.     Forming alliances

2.     Cultivating a charismatic public image

3.     Staying strong through challenges

4.     Slashing through your opponents’ ranks

Now let’s tally your score!

If your final tally was 5-8, you are Coriolanus Snow. You act for the long run, and not for instant gratification. You know everything happens for a reason, and aren’t afraid to get what you want. The drink that best suits you is a vodka martini, as layered as your political ambitions.

If your tally was 9-12, you are Lucy Gray Baird. You are creative, and love fiercely. You’ll find new, resourceful ways to fight for what you care about. Having been the underdog, you want to make sure no one else feels the same pain. Your drink of choice is an elderflower gin cocktail, as delicate and kind as your soul.

If your tally was 13-16, you are Dr Volumnia Gaul. Driven by the pursuit of knowledge, you want to know what goes on in people’s minds. You have exceptional book smarts as well as street smarts, and are a trusted source for help at any time. Your drink is a margarita, bubbling like your ever-active mind.

If your tally was 17-20, you are Tigris Snow. You act with your heart, and fall headfirst into what you are passionate about. This childlike wonder for the world means you trust easily, and people open up to you quite easily as well. Your drink is an Irish coffee, a comforting elixir that mirrors the comfort you provide.

Now that you know which character you are, make your drink and get ready for the release! Remember to drink responsibly—cheers!

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