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Infuse A Thandai Twist Into These 6 Irresistible Desserts

Thadai-Inspired Desserts: 5 Sweets With A Spirited Twist

When the festival of colours makes its welcome appearance, lots of delicious foods and drinks are prepared to celebrate this day of fun and merriment. The showstopper drink at any festive gathering during this season is of course, the thandai, which is not only an indulgent drink perfect for a festival but also a drink that acts as a cooling quencher as temperatures rise. Made from milk and sugar and aromatics and spices like rose petals, cardamom, poppy seeds, nutmeg and other luxurious ingredients, thandai is a decadent treat reserved for such special occasions.

Over time, among the different culinary innovations that have incorporated the thandai, there are some which bring together this inviting drink with alcohol to craft stunning cocktails. And going a step further, there are those enthusiastic cooks out there who have crafted desserts out of thandai, with a spirited touch. These are thoroughly indulgent offerings that are perfect when you host a dinner and want to close off your meal with a decadent dessert and drink course, all in one.

Read on below to know more about such thandai-inspired desserts which are crafted with a spirit infused finish:

Thandai Rabdi Shots

One of the most fun-filled and luxe desserts, the thandai rabdi shot brings together two recipes that celebrate all things decadent. A plain rabdi is flavoured with thandai masala and the different spices and aromatics that make up this drink and is then poured into shot glasses to be gulped down in one go. The addition of a bit of Don Julio Blanco to this mix only ensures that your rich dessert comes with a boozy kick!

Thadai-Inspired Desserts: 5 Sweets With A Spirited Twist

Thandai Shahi Bourbon Tukda

Shahi tukda, or a version of bread pudding that brings condensed milk together with sweetened bread, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg and loads of other spices and dried fruits is given a bit of a spirited twist with a dash of bourbon. Yet, even before the liquor is poured into the drink, thandai masala or just a bowlful of thandai is generously poured over the bread preparation to make it that much more sweet and indulgent.

Thandai Tiramisu

Crafting a tiramisu means being absolutely generous with the brandy, rum or amaretto that goes into its preparation along with mascarpone and cocoa powder. But you can put a slightly more indulgent spin on a classic tiramisu recipe by adding some thandai mix into the dessert to infuse it with some spicy textures. These add a bit more depth to an already flavourful preparation, taking the dish to a whole new level of creamy heaven.

Thadai-Inspired Desserts: 5 Sweets With A Spirited Twist

Vodka Thandai Popsicles

Come summer, you have to get creative with your dessert options and offer some cooling variations amidst the rising heat. A popsicle loaded with spirits is the perfect dessert for such climes. Make a thandai popsicle with a dash of vodka added to the drink before freezing it so your final dessert acquires a glorious buzz along with all the luxe qualities of the milk-based number. This is the perfect offering for pool parties or garden parties where you serve finger foods and want to come up with a creative small bite dessert option.

Rum Thandai Mousse

Another dessert variation that is perfect for putting a boozy spin on a classic thandai is the mousse. You can follow the basic recipe and prepare a silky mousse by whisking egg whites and cream together until they acquire a smooth texture. Add to this some thandai mix and a dash of quality white rum so you can infuse the simple dessert with a hint of a buzz and a decadent flavour that is characteristic of the thandai. Mix some white chocolate into the recipe if you want to introduce another layer of sweet flavours. Prepare a thandai mousse in advance and garnish with rose petals before serving to make it look more appealing.

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