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International Men's Day: Gifting Ideas For Your Special Guy

men's day gift

This International Men’s Day, gift your fathers, brothers, partners, friends, and colleagues something special to let them know that you love and care about them. Here are a few premium cocktails that we’ve carefully selected along with suggestions of whom to give them to. Now, this is just a tentative list, so feel free to mix things up a bit the way you see fit. 

For your Dad

johnnie walker blue label

Dads are usually just a tad bit underappreciated and here’s how you can make them feel noticed and thank them for everything that they’ve done for you. You can thank them with a bottle of Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label. This luxurious blended scotch whisky is an excellent choice, especially for those who love elegance and chic and make no exceptions when it comes to their whisky. Its rich and robust flavour profile is a little on the sweet and smoky side and all you need is a few drops of water to enjoy it. 

For your brothers

tanqueray no 10 gin

If you’ve been squabbling with your brother and need to make nice or if you’ve not been squabbling at all and need to thank them for being so nice, you should definitely surprise them with a bottle of Tanqueray’s No. 10. This citrusy gin is so delicious and flavourful that it’ll add another dimension to the cocktails and make everything worthwhile. You can also just enjoy it with some tonic water. 

For your partner

tallisker whisky

Surprise your warm and loving partner with an equally warm and lovable malt scotch – Talisker. This 18-year-old single malt scotch is perfect for those who love a bit of depth and complexity in their drinks and relationships. Just remember, this is a gift, not a hint! It’s an extremely well-balanced whisky and is mostly enjoyed neat. 

For your friends

Ciroc Vodka

If you and your friends have been planning a holiday for a while, but life keeps getting in the way, give them a taste of the gorgeous French grapes via Ciroc. This smooth and chic vodka has a delightfully versatile flavour profile and goes well in most cocktails. You can also pair it with some lovely glassware and truly make your friends feel on top of the world! 

For your colleagues

bulleit bourbon

If you’re thinking of gifting a collective gift rather than personalised gifts, the Bulleit Bourbon is a great choice. Its eclectic flavour profile is palatable by people with the most varying taste buds and it’s got a bit of a spicy kick that works really well in a lot of cocktails. 

You can also add a few personal touches to these gifts by presenting them with personalised glassware and handwritten notes. A lot of these bottles also have a gift set option, so be sure to explore those because they come with accessories that come in handy for seasoned enthusiasts. You can also take a look at a couple of our recipes and perhaps pair these spirits with appropriate mixers so that your giftees can make their own delightful cocktails at home.