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Introducing 5 Exotic Fruit Punches: How Many Have You Tried?

Introducing 5 Exotic Fruit Punches: How Many Have You Tried?

Fruit punches are a delight across seasons, they are filled with the sweet, tangy and fleshy qualities of lots of hydrating and refreshing produce that introduce a thrilling freshness into a classic recipe. Across different regions, several fruits distinct to those provinces are the highlight of different seasons and their arrival is celebrated by incorporating them into delectable potions. And then there are those fruits that are in vogue all year around, particularly in the tropics, that are used to prepare fruit punches and other cocktail variations because of their ready availability.

It is because of their vibrant tasting notes and versatile uses that fruits figure prominently in cocktail craft and fruit punches become inviting treats at every party or gathering you host. Some of these recipes incorporate local fruit varieties into the mix, in recipes that highlight regional flavours. While these exotic recipes sound easy to prepare, the fruits might be difficult to work with especially if you are unfamiliar with them. But with the right technique and practice, you will be able to craft these mixes at home to make delectable exotic fruit punches at your house parties.

Here are some of the fruit punch varieties from across the world that are slightly more exotic than your quintessential punch recipes:

Mai Tai

It is said that this famed cocktail has its origins in Tahiti and in those laidback tiki parties that are the highlight of tropical islands. You can prepare mai tai by bringing together white and dark rum, orgeat syrup, orange curaçao and lime juice. But making the mai tai stand out as a fruity drink are all those additional mixers like pineapple, mango and berry juices that give the cocktail a very layered finish. Mai tai then becomes a delightful mixed fruit punch recipe that can be prepared at a summer pool party, garnished with chunks of sweet, fleshy fruits.

Have You Tried These Five Exotic Fruit Punches From Around The World?

Durian Punch

Durian is a slightly difficult fruit to work with, it has its own distinctive aroma and flavour and can turn sour quite quickly once it is cut open. Most prominently found in southeast Asia, durian is now being used widely by mixologists to craft fruit punches that celebrate these quirky flavour notes that make the fruit stand out. You can prepare this eclectic punch by bringing together the muddled fruit with lots of Captain Morgan Dark Rum, some bitters and a hint of mint for garnish.

Fruity Caipirinha

Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil put together by blending cachaça or sugarcane liquor with fresh lime and lots of sugar. Incorporating other fruits like strawberries and passion fruit into the drink gives it a very fruity touch turning this conventional cocktail into a punch drink that highlights many delightfully sweet and sour tropical flavours. The fruity caipirinha can be muddled with lots of ice to craft a drink that is a refreshing treat on a warm day. Moreover, adding citrus fruits like berries also gives the drink a tangy quality that helps to balance out the sweetness of the classic recipe.

Have You Tried These Five Exotic Fruit Punches From Around The World?

Boozy Agua de Jamaica

Made by mixing dried hibiscus flowers, sugar and water, this is in fact a warm tea popular in Mexico that is now being incorporated into mixology to be served as a fruit punch drink using local flavours in its recipe. You can make the spiked agua de jamaica by adding a splash of rum to the drink along with other punch ingredients like cinnamon and fruits such as lime and oranges.

Neera With Cut Up Fruits

In the Indian subcontinent, you would see small stalls open only in the first half of the day serving glasses of neera or palm nectar, extracted from toddy palms. You can prepare a fruity punch cocktail using neera by adding chunks of seasonal fruits like pineapples and oranges into the drink and a splash of dark rum if you want a boozier concoction.


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