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Irresistible Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe That You Cannot Miss!

Irresistible Old Fashioned cover

Are you wondering if there is any non-alcoholic version of the Old Fashioned cocktail? Yes, numerous varieties of old-fashioned cocktails are crafted mindfully for those who prefer its flavour without the booze. So, we have curated some innovative mocktails with variations and twists to create lasting memories, all with the irresistible taste of old-fashioned.

Must-Try Old-Fashioned Mocktail Recipe

History Of The Old-Fashioned Cocktail

The Old-fashioned cocktail is one of the most favourite and preferable drinks for cocktail enthusiasts. It is known as one of the oldest cocktails as it originated in the early 19th century. The traditional old-fashioned was a simple mixture of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters, as time evolved so did this popular concoction.

Old Fashioned Mocktail

Old Fashioned MocktailAn old-fashioned mocktail is a perfect non-alcoholic and refreshing drink that can be sipped all year long. There is a wide range of ingredients that favour the complexity of the traditional cocktail.

Crafting the Perfect Old Fashioned Mocktail

1. Non-Alcoholic Spirit
As a base for your mocktail choose a high-quality non-alcoholic spirit as an alternative to whisky. Choose the wide range of options mindfully that results in a complex blend of flavours. (Example: Seedlip Garden 108)

2. Sweeteners
Perfectly balance your mocktail using sweeteners like sugar or simple syrup and elevate your mocktail recipe.

3. Bitters
The exceptional taste of old-fashioned is achieved by incorporating high-quality bitters. Out of various aromatic bitters choose a perfect companion for your mocktail.

4. Citrus Zest
Add reviving notes by using citrus zest such as lemon or orange to your mocktail.

5. Ice
Use good quality ice as it is important to maintain the right temperature to dilute mocktails.

Step-by-Step Guide for the Old Fashioned Mocktail Recipe

Guide for the Old Fashioned
- Grab a mixing glass and add sweeteners to it according to your preferences.
- Now mix a few dashes of bitters onto the sugar and muddle them well until the sugar is dissolved.
- In the mixing glass pour the non-alcoholic spirit and stir until the ingredients are combined well.
- Place ice cubes in a serving glass and strain the mixture over the ice. 
- Garnish your mocktail with a twist of citrus zest.

Innovative Variations and Twists For your Old-fashioned mocktails

Variations and TwistsApart from the traditional Old Fashioned Mocktail, there are numerous ways to create your flavours and add a delightful experience to your mocktail sipping.

1. Infusion of fruits
Add a natural burst to your mocktail by muddling fruits like berries, cherries, or pineapple to create a luscious drink.

2. Herbs
Give your mocktail a unique and aromatic twist with herbs like fresh mint, rosemary, and basil.

3. Infusion of spiced syrups
Create your spiced syrup with cinnamon, cloves, or star anise and elevate your mocktail recipe.

4. Smoky notes
Add smoked salt and a hint of smokiness to your exquisite drink.

5. Floral elements
Use edible flower petals like lavender, rose petals, or chamomile and give a captivating presentation.

Explore the rich flavours of  Old-fashioned Mocktail with creative variations. This is an outstanding drink for those who prefer the flavour without the booze. Don’t forget to craft your mocktail recipe for your upcoming house party and please your guests.

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