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Make These Spirit-Infused Dishes The Highlights Of Your Next House Party

baileys cream

The festive season is here. That’s synonymous with eating scrumptious food, delectable desserts and drinking cocktails. There will be many parties you will attend and a few that you will host yourself. Why not try something interesting this time? We are talking about creating boozy dishes for a celebratory event? In this article, we present a few delicious food items made using spirits like vodka, gin and liqueur. Check out the recipes and see how easy they are to follow!

Baileys-Infused Chocolate Fondue

chocolate fondue


For the fondue

225 gm Dark chocolate
60 ml Baileys Irish Cream

For the dippers

1 Apple
1 Banana
6 marshmallows
6 cookies


Melt the dark chocolate and pour it in a mixing bowl. Add Baileys to it and whisk the contents well. Pour the mixture into the fondue pot and give it some time to warm. Slice the apple and banana, and put them in different serving trays. Fill the remaining two serving trays with marshmallows and cookies each. 

Gin-infused Watermelon Balls

watermelon balls


At least 120 gm watermelon
120 ml Gordon's gin
Mint leaves, for garnish


Take the watermelon and scoop out the flesh in the form of balls. Ensure there are no seeds in them. Put them in a shallow bowl and pour the gin over the balls. Refrigerate for an hour and then take the bowl out. Now use two coupe glasses and fill it with gin-soaked watermelon balls. Add a couple of mint leaves for garnishing. The boozy fruits are ready to be served.

Vodka-Infused French Toast

french toast


For the French Toast

2 Eggs
60 gm Cocoa powder
20 ml Cîroc vodka
1 teaspoon Vanilla essence
A pinch of Cinnamon sugar
4 Slices of bread

For the sauce

30 ml Caramel sauce
1 teaspoon Fresh cream
10 ml Cîroc vodka


For the French Toast

Crack two eggs in a mixing bowl. Add the cocoa powder, 20 ml vodka, vanilla essence and sprinkle some cinnamon sugar. Whisk the mixture well. Dunk the bread slices for a minute. Toast them using butter.

For the sauce

In a small bowl, caramel sauce with fresh cream and vodka. Mix the contents well. The sauce is ready.

Take a wide plate and place the toasted bread slices on it. Pour the sauce over them and serve.

Choco Lava Cake

choco lava cake


100 gm Chocolate
50 gm Butter
2 eggs
120 gm Castor sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla
30 ml Baileys Irish Cream
120 gm Flour
1 teaspoon Instant coffee


Melt the chocolate and the butter and put it in a medium-sized bowl. Mix it well. In a separate bigger bowl, crack two eggs and combine them with sugar and vanilla. Whisk the ingredients well. Now add the chocolate and butter mixture to the larger bowl and whisk it well. Pour 30 ml Baileys into it and add the flour as well. Whisk the contents well and pour the batter into a microwavable cupcake mould. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 18 minutes. Remove the cup and let it cool for a bit. Tap the chocolate lava cake out of the mould. Garnish by sprinkling the instant coffee on top of the cake. The Choco Lava Cake is ready to be served.

While it is normal to learn about spirits and experiment with recipes using them, it is always important to use alcohol in the food moderately. One must serve and drink responsibly to maintain health and to stay out of harm's way. If you know anyone who finds it difficult to control their alcohol consumption, please refer them to a professional.

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