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Make Your Bachelor Bash Unique And Awesome With These Beer Pong Tips

Make Your Bachelor Bash Unique & Awesome With These Beer Pong Tips

A CLASSIC game to play at any frat party or college party is beer pong – it is fun and crazy and induces just the right amount of buzz. And as with most college traditions, beer pong never gets old. It can be recreated at any gathering long after you have grown up and the game will be just as fun, even if it is a beer pong tournament at a bachelor party! A beer pong tournament will add the perfect amount of excitement to a stag night meant as a hurrah for the groom right before the big day. A beer pong tournament is a classic hack not only because it is a fun game but also because it will keep the party going for hours before a groomsman or one of your random distant cousins emerges victorious.

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Organising a beer pong tournament is a straightforward affair. You can buy those beer pong sets online that will make arranging your players and your beer cups easier. The beer pong maze can be set up according to the number of players participating in the contest to act as tourneys which can be reloaded after every turn. Make sure you have plenty of food like crackers, canapés, cheese, pizzas and sandwiches in store at such a party because all that beer is definitely going to make you and your guests snacky.

Make Your Bachelor Bash Unique And Awesome With These Beer Pong Tips

Read on to know more about how you can take your beer pong bachelor party up a notch:

Make Teams

Depending on your guest list, divide your groomsmen and your other attendees into teams that will be part of the game. A beer pong tournament tends to get very competitive so make sure your teams are fairly divided to avoid any quarrels later! Make small teams and organise multiple beer pong stations so that many games can be carried out at one go before all teams are eliminated and two winning groups face each other off in the ultimate finale.

Arrange For Lots Of Beer

What you need in abundance at a beer pong tournament is, of course, beer. You can arrange for a keg or you can bring draught beer in crates to ensure that there is ample booze to fill your beer pong glasses. Also arrange for lots of ping pong balls along with the readymade beer pong set so players do not fall short of the apparatus required to ace this tournament. Along with participating in the competition, the boys will undoubtedly also grab a drink or two while they await their turn so create a makeshift bar where they can mix drinks to sip on in between rounds of play.

Make Your Bachelor Bash Unique And Awesome With These Beer Pong Tips

Up The Ante

Instead of a simple one-strike elimination, up the ante by giving your guests more than one chance to win a round before they are eliminated from the game. The higher the stakes, the more competitive the contest will be. So you can offer interesting wild card entries, surprising twists and unexpected challenges at every turn that make your participants want to keep on playing. And as this is a bachelor party, each level can follow a suitable wedding theme like a groomsmen round or a best mate face off, for more celebratory feels.

Losers Chug

Make Your Bachelor Bash Unique And Awesome With These Beer Pong Tips

Letting the losing side get away scot free would be quite a pity. Instead, attach a challenge or a truth or dare question to every lost point so your party guests would have to complete that task before stepping away from the beer pong table. You can also have the losing team chug all the beer on both sides. This is a task that would make you quite tipsy so ensure you grab a bite to eat after each round!

Hand Out A Prize

What’s a contest without a prize? Get the groom to hand out a gift to the winning team like a customised decanter or a beard grooming kit which spells all things gentlemanly. A prize at the end will be enough incentive for guests to try to win the game and it will make them smile bright on the wedding day as they remember their victory while the groom ties the knot!

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