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Make Better Margaritas: How To Get The Ingredient Ratios Right

Mastering Margarita: Tequila, Lime Juice And Triple Sec Ratios In The Cocktail

The margarita has a very interesting history with at least two origin stories. One of them harks back to the 1940s when a Dallas socialite prepared this drink for her guests using cointreau and lime juice combined with blanco tequila.

Another story traces the initial makings of the margarita to a famed cocktail named daisy which followed the similar template of mixing a spirit with citrus and orange liqueur along with soda. Take the soda out of this daisy recipe and what you would be left behind is the margarita we enjoy today.

Preparing the classic drink involves understanding the ratios of the three principal ingredients that go into its making. Today, margarita pre mixes are readily available in the market yet, a lot more fun can be had in preparing a stunning batch of the cocktail at home when you are hosting a summer pool party or a summer barbecue.

Churning out jug after jug of perfectly prepared margaritas not only inspires a boozy kick but also becomes a way for you to show off your mixology skills.

Mastering Margarita: Tequila, Lime Juice And Triple Sec Ratios In The Cocktail

The Ratios

A well-made batch served in deep margarita glasses rimmed with salt will have the perfect proportions of tequila to lime juice to triple sec giving the drink its balanced finish. Even as you would make it tequila-forward, the tangy qualities of lime juice and the bitter and sweet tastes of triple sec would add tasty, fresh elements to the cocktail, leading to this full flavour profile. Some mixologists also prefer to add a touch of agave or sugar syrup to the drink for infusing a sweeter layer into the mix.

Traditionally, the classic margarita ratio would be two parts tequila for every one part lime juice and triple sec. The orange flavoured citrus liqueur can be quite tart so it is always best to keep its ratio slightly lower and adjust the quantity later on according to your flavour preferences.

But while 2:1:1 remains the classic ratio, if you want to prepare a margarita batch in summer and infuse it with lots of ice, you might want to consider amping up the quantity of tequila in the cocktail to avoid diluting the cocktail.

This means, for a larger batch, you can make a drink using three parts of a quality Don Julio Blanco Tequila for every one part of triple sec and lime juice. This 3:1:1 ratio is the perfect summertime concoction and you can serve it on a bed of rocks with a mint sprig garnish to enjoy its cooling properties. You can also add a touch of paprika to salt rimmed glasses to give the drink a hint of a spicy taste, adding another textural surprise into the margarita.

Mastering Margarita: Tequila, Lime Juice And Triple Sec Ratios In The Cocktail

How Much Agave Or Simple Syrup

When you are preparing a classic margarita mix, there is a tendency to make it a tad bit bitter and tangy because it is heavily loaded with citruses. Adding a sweetener like sugar, honey or agave syrup will take away some of the bitter qualities in the drink and enhance its intense, fruity textures. Simple syrup also works wonders to highlight all the flavour components in a cocktail even as it helps to prepare a well-balanced drink. So, when you want to add honey, agave syrup or simple syrup, you might want to go with simply 3-4 tablespoons to introduce their subtle flavours into the blend.

Some prefer a slightly sweeter version of the margarita when the drink is offered at a summer barbecue where you would find lots of spicy, umami and zesty sliders and salads. Here, the sweet margarita acts as a fresh palate cleanser between mouthfuls of barbecued meats. On the other hand, at an island themed gathering where lots of fresh fruit salads and seafood would be on the menu, a slightly bitter version of the margarita made without the sweeteners becomes a refreshing break from sweet and tangy flavours.

Either way, getting the proportions right in preparing the margarita means you have to follow the recipe to the last detail and as far as possible use all homemade juices instead of the store bought mixes to bring a more DIY touch into your summer cocktail hour.


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