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Menu Planning with Gourmet Cheesy Twists To Elevate Your Party

Cheesy Cocktail Recipes cover

Cheese and cocktails may appear like an unlikely pairing; however, the rich, complicated flavours of gourmet cheeses can increase a thoughtfully crafted cocktail. From mild, creamy cheeses to pungent, funky sorts, cheese imparts a rich texture and rounded mouthfeel, creating an indulgent drinking experience. We will teach you the art of mixing cheeses into cocktails for a decadent twist in your party menu planning.

Finding the Right Cheese-Cocktail Pairings

Right Cheese-Cocktail
The key to a successful cheesy cocktail is finding a cheese that enhances, rather than overpowers, the other ingredients. Cheeses like brie, cheddar, and gouda have versatile, crowd-pleasing flavours that pair well with diverse spirits and mixers. Consider flavours and textures when selecting a cheese for a cocktail party- an aged gouda imparts different qualities than a young cheddar.

1. Infusing Cocktails with Cheese

Cocktails with Cheese
A straightforward way to incorporate cheese flavours into cocktails is through direct infusion. Dice cheese into small cubes and muddle it in the bottom of a shaker to release its essence before adding the remaining ingredients. Hard cheeses work best for muddling. Stir some grated or crumbled cheese directly into RC American Pride whiskey for a quicker infusion. Soft cheeses like brie melt beautifully when gently stirred in.

2. Creating Homemade Cheese-Infused Spirits

Cheese-Infused Spirit
Try to infuse spirits at home for the most intense, integrated cheese flavour in a cocktail party. Vodka, gin, rum and whiskey all pair well with cheese flavours. Grate a mild, firm cheese like gouda or cheddar and add it to a sealed jar of booze, allowing it to infuse for 1-2 weeks. The longer it sits, the more prominent the cheese notes will become. Strain through a mesh sieve or cheesecloth before using.

Crowd-Pleasing Cheesy Cocktail Recipes

Crowd-Pleasing Cheesy
The possibilities are endless for crafting cheese-filled cocktails at a cocktail party! Starting with high-quality, gourmet cheeses and finding flavour combinations that excite your palate are keys to success.

Ready to try some cheesy cocktail recipes at your next house party menu planning? Here are a few cheese-infused drinks sure to please a crowd:

1. The Cheesy Apple Martini
Muddle green apple slices with brie cheese in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add vodka, a squeeze of lemon and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass for a sweet, creamy treat.

2. The Goat's Gouda Bloody Mary 
Rim a highball glass with goat cheese and paprika. Fill with tomato juice, Worcestershire, vodka, horseradish and ice. Top with goat cheese stuffed olive and grilled cheese skewer for an extra cheesy brunch cocktail.

3. Mascarpone Mudslide 
Blend ice cream, milk, mascarpone cheese, vodka, coffee liqueur and chocolate sauce until smooth. Top with grated chocolate and caramel for a decadent, ice cream-inspired nightcap.

4. Blue Cheese and Fig Old Fashioned 
Muddle figs with blue cheese and bitters in a mixing glass. Add RC American Pride whiskey and ice and stir well to create a bold, sophisticated cheese-infused classic.

Now that cheesy cocktails tempt your taste buds and are a must in your menu planning, it's time to get creative in your kitchen! Experiment with multiple cheese and cocktail combos to discover your new favourite flavours. Let us know your stories crafting and enjoying those cheese cocktail recipes. Share your thoughts, ideas and pix using #cheesycocktails. We'd love to see your tasty cheesy creations!

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