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With The Mojito For A Muse, 5 Minty Fresh Canapé Ideas

Mojito Inspired Canapés: Five Appetisers That Infuse The Cocktail’s Essence

One of the cocktails that you would most certainly prepare when you are hosting a fun, informal evening at home is the mojito. This cooling drink full of the freshness of mint and the tangy, zesty qualities of lime is best served chilled and is a delight during summer months. Add to it some simple syrup and a generous 45 ml of white rum and the cocktail acquires a pleasing buzz that is perfect for laid back, relaxed evenings spent outdoors, lounging on your patio. And if you have some canapés to go with jugs of mojito, it would make for an inviting cocktail hour indeed.

When planning the canapés for cocktail night, you can always introduce into your appetisers those flavours that remind you of the drink’s essence. Tons of appetisers that are bite sized treats can be crafted using staple mojito ingredients like mint and lime to make canapés resonating the cocktail’s distinct taste and freshness. Pairing them with mojitos or any other tiki cocktails would give a refreshing finish to your cocktail game.

Read on below for some canapé options that resonate with the flavours of the mojito:

Lime And Avocado Toast

Mash avocado and lather it upon a baguette or your choice of bread that is lightly toasted and buttered. Top this up with lime juice and a garnish comprising red pepper flakes and sea salt. Easy to make, the zesty qualities of lime in these canapés give them a very fresh and tangy taste that is reminiscent of the blast of freshness in a mojito. You can infuse your canapés with the flavours of lime and some lime zest too, to make them dazzle with refreshing ingredients that go into preparing a mojito.

Mojito Inspired Canapés: Five Appetisers That Infuse The Cocktail’s Essence

Watermelon, Feta And Mint Skewers

Canapés are indeed delightful bite sized treats perfect as pre dinner appetisers served with aperitifs or other cocktails that work well as sundowners. When you want to pair refreshing drinks with such canapés you cannot go wrong with watermelon and mint as a combination that is as tasty as it is rejuvenating. Paired with feta, this also becomes a creamy bite you can munch on, while revelling in the minty goodness of the dish—akin to the freshness found in a classic mojito concoction.

Mint And Pea Puree Crostini

Mint is one of the key ingredients required to make a mojito sing so when you want to prepare canapés that would remind you of the cocktail’s flavours you cannot go wrong with the inclusion of mint in some classic food pairings. One such delightful appetiser is the pea and mint puree lathered crostini which is fresh and subtly flavoured so you can enjoy the bite sized number in between drinks. For the crostini, go with a baguette or a sourdough bread depending upon your preferences.

Mojito Inspired Canapés: Five Appetisers That Infuse The Cocktail’s Essence

Minted Ricotta and Tomato Bruschetta

Ricotta is a very versatile offering and can be infused with a lot of different flavours. Chop up some mint leaves and give your crumbled cheese a slightly spicy, sharp fresh flavour by adding them to the ricotta. Next, use crisp cherry tomatoes as a topping for your baguette or choice of bread atop which you would place the minted ricotta to complete your canapés platter. Serve with a jug of mojito or other tiki cocktails to enjoy the fresh and light appetiser with equally zesty drinks.

Lime And Coconut Shrimp

Marinate shrimp in coconut milk, some ginger garlic paste and a bit of chilli before grilling or shallow frying it to prepare delicious appetisers that resonate with the rejuvenating qualities of lime and ginger found in a flavoured mojito. Make sure you sprinkle lime juice only after the shrimp is cooked to avoid splitting the coconut milk. Serve this with a side of spicy dip as a canapé that is infused with the refreshing flavours found in a mojito recipe.


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