Mojito Mocktail - Everything You Need To know

Heres the Perfect Mojito Fiesta Mocktail

Mojito mocktail originated in Cuba and is well-liked for its perfect mixture of zesty lime juice, sugar, fresh mint, and soda water. Relish the reviving taste of a Mojito and craft a luscious mojito mocktail recipe.

Mojito Mocktail Recipe You Need To Try

Classic Mojito Mocktail Recipe

A classic mojito mocktail is the perfect alternative although it utilises the same ingredients as a basic mojito mocktail. This is a great deal option for people who want to savour the Mojito flavours without the kick. Here is a simple and classic mojito mocktail recipe:

- Lime wedges 1/2 
- fresh mint leaves 8 - 10
- Sugar - 1 tablespoon 
- Club soda - 1/ 4 cup
- Sparkling water - 1/4 cup
- Ice cubes
- Use a mint sprig for garnish

1. Grab a tall glass and add the lime wedges, a few fresh mint leaves, and sugar.
2. Muddle the ingredients together until the sugar releases and the lime releases its juice.
3. Add ice cubes to the glass and fill it with equal parts club soda and sparkling water.
4. Stir the mocktail well with the help of a long spoon.
5. Garnish with a sprig of mint and serve the delicious mocktail.

Mojito Mocktail Recipe Twists

1. Strawberry Mojito Mocktail
To the classic mojito mocktail add some frozen strawberries and blend it smooth. Garnish it with a slice of juicy strawberry and a mint sprig.

2. Cranberry Mojito Mocktail
Muddle fresh mint, sugar and lime, followed by cranberry juice and a splash of orange extracts. Top it with club soda and garnish it with frozen cranberries and a sprig of mint.

By adding different fruits to the mojito mocktail you can also experiment with several variations of this drink as mentioned above. For other carbonated drinks like tonic water or ginger ale, you can replace club soda and sparkling water.

Mojito Mocktail is a reviving and easy-to-make drink. With these simple ingredients and some muddling skills, enjoy the flavours of a classic Mojito and garnish as per your preferences without the added buzz. Give this mocktail a try after a very long day or add this drink to your upcoming party.