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Negroni Five Ways: Expert Tips On Serving The Classic Cocktail

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One of the most favoured cocktails in bars across the world, the negroni is a classic drink made from gin, sweet vermouth and the iconic Italian aperitif, campari. Crafting a negroni requires great skill although it is just three ingredients brought together in equal proportions. Yet the blending, cooling and sourcing of these ingredients can mean the difference between a subtly bittersweet mix or an off imbalanced drink. Negroni also acts as a wonderful aperitivo, or a pre-meal drink that builds your appetite for a tasty repast. It is best enjoyed early evening as you get done with work and head out to your local bar for a quick drink before dinner.

Over time, many variations of the negroni have sprung up which involve putting some creative spins on this deep, red coloured seductive beverage. A negroni is made with the addition of tequila or mezcal and sometimes even some aperol or rum as a particularly delicious riff on the classic recipe. And as these variations slightly alter the drink’s taste, so too the ways of serving the negroni affect the taste of this signature drink. 

Read on below to know more about how you can serve the negroni the next time you home host a gathering:

Garnished With Bitters

A lot of times, a budding mixologist might mess up a perfectly good negroni by opting for a slightly skewed garnish. The drink itself is a perfect balance of flavour, so the garnish has to undoubtedly be one which brings out this elegant finish without becoming overpowering. A lemon wedge is a strict no-no for such a moment because it is too sour to compliment a negroni’s bittersweet notes. Instead, serve your negronis with bitters like a fat orange wedge or even some cherries. You can also sprinkle some of the oil in the wedge onto the drink before serving to elevate the cocktail’s flavour.

negroni making tips

Poured Over Ice

Balancing the chill in the negroni is one way to retain the flavour balance in this classic recipe. Many mixologists first go for stirring the drink before adding ice to it so they can make a gentle flavour blend before chilling the drink. Yet others prefer to adjust the proportion of the liqueurs in the mix according to the volume of ice added. One of the best ways to serve a negroni however is to pour it over a bed of large ice cubes in a rocks glass so it remains chilled for longer.

In A Stemmed Glass

Traditionally, a negroni is served in a rocks glass or a tumbler which brilliantly throws off its deep red hue and makes it look like a very appealing cocktail. However, an interesting serving suggestion would be to pour a classic negroni in a stemmed glass so that the aromas of the drink ooze out better and you are able to take a large swig of the refreshing concoction after enjoying its delicious smells. This works especially when you want to enjoy a moderately chilled version because you can strain out the ice and serve the cocktail more roomily in a stemmed glass.

different ways to make negroni

Sweet Vermouth Supreme

The quality of ingredients makes all the difference between a good cocktail and an excellent one. So, an imperative serving suggestion when you make a negroni has more to do with sourcing your ingredients right. This means, you ought to choose a sweet vermouth that is absolutely exquisite when you are shaping your negroni because this liqueur can make or break the cocktail.

Negroni With Aperitivo Spread

Instead of simply handing out glasses filled with negroni, turn your cocktail evening into an aperitivo experience by arranging for a proper spread full of crackers, cheeses and olive platters that craft a completely Italian experience for your guests. Serving you negroni with a proper aperitivo spread will augment the flavours of the drink and also enable it to stimulate your appetite with tangy, sweet and sour notes.

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