New Home Bar Set Up - Essential Shopping List

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Dreaming of having a home bar to whip up delicious cocktails to impress your guests? Or are you looking to craft an easy and refreshing drink at home to unwind after a long and tiring day? Whatever may be your reason, having a home bar is a great way to mix up and indulge in satisfying cocktails. Setting up your bar space and stocking all essentials you need, is a fun and rewarding project! But, wait, where to begin? What are all things you will have to buy? Don’t worry! That’s exactly why we have curated this special article for you! To make your life easier and drinks tastier, check out our compiled list of all essentials you will need.

1. Bar Space

While your kitchen can be a great place to begin your home bartending creations, we suggest having a dedicated space for mixing drinks. This way, you will be able to keep all the ingredients and tools handy to craft your favourite cocktails at home. If you have a small space, you can opt for a simple bar cart or a dedicated cabin to store all your bar needs. You can use the corners of your living room or dining room for this. Add a few cosy shelves, and a table for a complete home bar experience. If you have enough space at home, go for an elaborate set-up with a counter, sink, a dedicated fridge, and a few decor elements to spruce up your space.

2. Bar Tools & Equipment

Bar tools are vital for a home bar. You will need a complete set of tools if you want to experiment and craft a variety of drinks. You will need a cocktail shaker and a mixing glass for mixing ingredients. You may need a jigger or a measuring cup to measure the precise quantity of ingredients. A bar spoon is essential to stir the ingredients and also to craft layered cocktails. You may also need a muddler if you are interested in creating fruity and refreshing drinks like mojitos, bramble, mint juleps, etc. A cocktail strainer is a must-have to strain the mixture into serving glasses. This will help in removing any unwanted pieces and ice shards. Additionally, you may need a few bar equipment like a juicer, peeler, blender, ice bucket, etc.

3. Cocktail Glassware

Have a complete set of cocktail glasses that cater to different varieties of drinks. A rocks glass for old-fashioned, a Copa glass for gin and tonics, a martini glass for martini, a margarita glass, a hurricane glass for Pina Coladas, copper mugs for moscow mule and julep cup for mint julep, etc. Additionally, have an elegant set of cocktail glasses that are versatile glassware which can be used for numerous drinks. Alternatively, if you love tiki cocktails, consider buying an assortment of creative tiki glasses. 

4. Cocktail Recipes

Before you begin with your home bartending adventure, collect and organise different types of cocktails recipes that catch your interest. At we have a huge collection of cocktail recipes that cater to every mood, taste and occasion. Whether you want to host a party and need delightful cocktails that impress your guests, easy whisky cocktails to unwind after a long day or delicious dessert cocktails to end your meal on an indulgent note. There is something for everyone. With these easy recipes, you will be mixing and shaking some unforgettable cocktails at home effortlessly!

5. Liquor

Spirits are an essential part of mixology. Depending on your taste and preference, you can have an assortment of alcoholic spirits at your home bar. For example, if you love whisky cocktails like old-fashioned or whisky sour, we suggest Johnnie Walker Black Label or Red Label Whisky. They are great for whisky cocktails or sipping it neat or on the rocks. If you love rum cocktails, then Captain Morgan Rum is a great option! For vodka cocktails, we recommend you opt for the timeless classic Smirnoff No.21 Vodka or the modern and elegant spirit Ketel One Vodka. These brands with their unique flavour profile, make it a versatile choice for crafting delectable tipples like Martini cocktails, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan cocktails, etc. If you fancy gin, then Tanqueray No TEN Gin or Gordon’s London Dry are the best choices. Juniper-forward flavour or citrusy burst, these brands make great additions to your cocktail creations!

6. Mixers

From carbonated drinks to fresh fruit juices, these are essentials for your home bar set. Ginger beer, ginger ale, club soda, and tonic water are some of the popular mixers that are used in a wide range of cocktail recipes. When it comes to fruit juices, we suggest you always make your own than opt for store-bought ones. Fresh fruit juices add a delicious burst of flavour and intensity to the drinks, compared to bottled ones. So when setting up your home, have some assorted fresh fruits like pineapple, watermelon, citrus fruits, seasonal fruits, etc. 

7. Cocktail Bitters

Bitters are essential concentrated flavouring agents. They are made using alcohol as the base and are infused with a range of botanicals, herbs, or spices. A dash or two of bitters elevates the flavours of the cocktails. Opt for premium quality aromatic bitters that match the kind of cocktails you want to mix at home. 

8. Liqueurs

Liqueurs are great flavour enhancers for cocktail recipes. For example, Baileys Original Irish Cream are a great choice if you want to craft delectable espresso martinis or mudslides. Additionally, you can also have a range of liqueurs in your home bar such as orange liqueur for margaritas, herbal liqueurs for Negronis, etc. 

9. Cocktail Garnishes

Cocktail presentation elevates the drinking experience to a whole new level. A cocktail garnish not only enhances the visual appeal of the drink, it also, contributes to the overall flavour profile. Stock up on fresh citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruits etc to garnish your drinks. Additionally, you can also store a range of dehydrated citrus garnishes for your anytime home bartending adventures! 

That’s the roundup of all the bar essentials you will need to whip up delectable cocktails at home. From bar tools to cocktail garnishes, stock up on these things and you are sorted. Cheers to great home bartending adventures!

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