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The Gentleman’s Guide To Modern Drinking Etiquette

Newer Manners, Art of Conversation: An Updated Gentleman’s Guide To Drinking Etiquette

Gentlemen drinking together has evolved to be more than just lounging leather chairs amidst a cloud of smoke. Today, gentlemen drink at a bar or a gathering with all other party guests meaning they have to pay closer attention to their drinking etiquette so everyone can enjoy a pleasant evening. This means making slight tweaks to the etiquettes that have been carried forward through time to introduce newer manners and arts of conversation that are in tune with the shifting social dynamic.

When you go out drinking with your buddies at a local dive or at a gathering during the social season, be mindful of these small mannerisms and behaviours that will not only make you stand out as a well-groomed gentleman but also elevate your own experience of relishing a tipple. These hacks are simple enough to follow and rather enjoyable too, once you get into the habit of mindfully practising etiquette rules.

Read on below for a handy guide that will take you through the ropes of a gentleman’s drinking etiquette and enable you to exude charm at a party guaranteeing a beautiful time for you and the other attendees:

Newer Manners, Art of Conversation: An Updated Gentleman’s Guide To Drinking Etiquette

Go With The Classics

For gentlemen, embracing drinking etiquette means ordering the right cocktail or spirit at a gathering. When you want to enjoy a leisurely evening or cocktail party, it would be unwise to drink simply to get tipsy. At such times, go with the classics like an old fashioned or a gin and tonic prepared using Tanqueray No. Ten or even a delightful bourbon to let the evening unfold slowly. Simultaneously, whatever the spirit – even if it is a frothy beer on a warm summer evening – make sure you drink it from a glass and not directly from a can.

Newer Manners, Art of Conversation: An Updated Gentleman’s Guide To Drinking Etiquette

Set Your Pace

Many times, it is easy to succumb to peer pressure and drink more than you intended to at a much higher pace than what you can handle. Drinking like a gentleman means you enjoy the light buzz of a whisky or a cocktail while being in control of yourself. Setting your pace is important because it enables you to drink at a speed you are most comfortable with, without competing with another person’s drinking.

If you are avoiding alcohol for certain health or wellness reasons, simply order yourself a lime soda or lime water without giving in to the pressure of drinking alcohol just because everyone else is carrying a glass.

Sip, Don’t Chug

One of the most important etiquette rules that signifies politeness and charm is sipping on your drink instead of chugging it. Gulping down a glass filled with whisky might create a wrong impression in front of the assembled guests and would signify that you are in too much haste to wrap up the evening. Instead, find yourself a delectable tipple, swirl it a little to release its aromas and savour the intricate flavour notes that make up the cocktail. For a gentleman, the goal is not to get sloshed but to enjoy the overall experience of social drinking.

Newer Manners, Art of Conversation: An Updated Gentleman’s Guide To Drinking Etiquette

Mind Your Bar Manners

An important reason why gentlemen ought to pace themselves is so they can remain civil and in control of their faculties throughout the evening. Minding your bar manners is part of this composure and involves interacting with the bartender courteously, being respectful towards other guests and wait staff and waiting patiently for your turn to refill your drink instead of cutting the line.

Cocktail Attire

The experience of sipping on a delectable whisky like a Johnnie Walker Black Label or a premium Godawan Artisanal Single Malt would be elevated when you are wearing attire that is perfect for a cocktail evening. Proper cocktail attire spells refinement and a well-tailored suit or blazer, a crisply ironed shirt and a stylish watch keenly exude this gentlemanly sophistication.

Newer Manners, Art of Conversation: An Updated Gentleman’s Guide To Drinking Etiquette

Art Of Conversation

At any cocktail event, what is perhaps the single most important aspect is the art of making interesting conversation. A gentleman drinking at a party would ask intelligent questions, make eye contact with others, be an active listener and actually engage in meaningful discussions over a delicious tipple. Avoid boisterous rambling about yourself and when you are raising a toast, make it a memorable one that captures the essence of the evening.


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