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These 5 Fuss-Free Drinking Games Work In Any Setting

No Props? No Problem: 5 Minimalist Drinking Games For Any Setting

Often, you plan impromptu slumber parties on a Friday night, particularly after a gruelling week or a bad day to get your friends together for a fun evening. With little time to prepare for such home hosting endeavours, you raid your fridge and make tasty snacks out of whatever’s available, get some ice cream and munchies delivered and order in pizzas for dinner. Cocktails abound on these evenings and you churn out jug upon jug of margaritas, mai tais and mojitos even as you sip on some beer or a glass of wine. But what about entertainment and drinking games?

When you have very little time to put together a party or want to introduce a bit of extempore fun into a gathering that seems to be losing its spirit, some interesting drinking games come in handy for their sheer ingenuity and zero frills. These games induce laughter, creativity and jokes into your gathering no matter the setting of the party and make it a truly memorable event because participants actually end up interacting with each other! Such no prep, no props drinking games can be fitted to all venues, from an outdoor garden or terrace gathering—for that last minute slumber party rizz.

Read on below to know more about these well-known no prop drinking games you can play at the next party you host:

Two Truths And A Lie

A very popular ice breaker at any office gathering, you can actually turn this into a fun party game. Bring all your guests together in a circle and make them say two true and one false thing about themselves. Every person who cannot spot the lie has to take a drink and the one who is able to, emerges as the winner. This game requires no props except a very creative mind so you have to make sure your lies sound like the truth and vice versa. You can also get guests to chug their beers or take a shot of a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka if you want to enjoy a boozier evening.

No Props? No Problem: 5 Minimalist Drinking Games For Any Setting

Never Have I Ever…

This game needs no introduction, however for those who are still uninitiated, it requires you to say something you haven’t done and everyone in the group who has done it must take a drink. Elevate the complexity of this game by stating some of the more obvious things that would happen to any of us but haven’t happened to you yet so you can actually rack your brains and come up with something creative. Prepare a delicious margarita using a Don Julio Blanco as the perfect party cocktail to accompany this zero props game.

Beer Pong

If you thought beer pong was reserved only for college parties and frat nights, think again. Beer pong can actually be a fun game across different settings because it enables everyone to let loose and have a merry time. If beer feels too conventional, you can play with the spirit of your choosing like a prosecco or a premium whisky but remember, for every glass hit in your section, you will have to down the whole cup! So make sure you choose drinks wisely to avoid a hangover the next day.

No Props? No Problem: 5 Minimalist Drinking Games For Any Setting


Pick any category like countries, foods and flowers and come up with different types until you can think of none or you repeat one. And when you do, you have to chug your drink or take a shot. Make this game more inventive by settling on personalised categories like ‘schoolmates who are married’ or ‘films by a prominent actor’ as a way to start interesting conversations about the different people and events that make up your everyday life.

Most Likely To…

This game would literally tell how well you know your party people. Again, it requires zero props except your understanding of the personality traits of your guests. You come up with situations and point to the person who is most likely to land in them. And the person with the most votes has to chug their drink.


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