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Non-Alcoholic Cocoa Drinks To Try This Holiday Season

cocoa infused drinks

The holiday season across the globe has often been associated with the idea of “eat, drink, and be merry.” The ‘drinking’ aspect obviously refers to alcoholic beverages. However, in recent years, non-alcoholic cocoa beverages have evolved across the globe offering a variety of flavours to elevate one’s holiday experience. Here are some delightful non-alcoholic cocoa drinks to try this season.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

The peppermint hot chocolate is a classic and its combination of rich cocoa and refreshing peppermint creates a delicious blend that hits the right notes and brings out the essence of winter. Top it with whipped cream and crushed candy canes for an extra bit of flair for the festive season.

White Chocolate Martini 

Chocolate martini cocktails are often prepared by combining any form of sweet liqueur into a  beverage mix. These mixes often include vodka, creme de cacao, Irish cream, or chocolate liqueur. However, it's a drink that doesn't always require any alcohol in it. And the White Chocolate Martini Recipe is an exquisite alternative non-alcoholic chocolate martini drink.

Replace the dark chocolate chips with white chocolate chips, and remove the liqueur to craft a non-alcoholic white chocolate martini recipe.  

Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

Take one’s taste buds to Latin America for the exotic spiced Mexican hot chocolate. Blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of chilli, this cocoa drink offers a unique flavour for the palate. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for a visually appealing presentation.

cocoa infused drinks for holidays

Orange-infused Cocoa

Add a citrusy twist to the cocoa experience by adding orange zest or a splash of fresh orange juice. The vibrant citrus notes complement the deep chocolate flavour, creating a refreshing yet indulgent drink that's perfect for holiday mornings or cosy evenings by the fireplace.

Frozen Hot Chocolate 

The Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe requires just a few simple yet delightful ingredients. A choice of dark or milk chocolate is the base for a rich flavour. Blend 3 cups of ice with 2 cups of milk, along with a tablespoon of chocolate syrup to amplify the flavour. Add 3 hot cocoa packets, each 85 grams, for warmth and depth into this cool delight. Finish off with a sprinkle of chocolate syrup and a dab of whipped cream for that perfect touch. 

White Chocolate Raspberry Cocoa

An exquisite white chocolate raspberry blend is yet another festive season special. The sweetness of white chocolate and the tartness of raspberries create an excellent combination. Garnish with fresh raspberries for a rich flavour, is the perfect sweet beverage. 

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Cocoa

Recreate the nostalgic experience of roasting marshmallows by the fire with a toasted marshmallow hot cocoa. Top the drink with a generous heap of marshmallows and use a kitchen torch to achieve an irresistible toasted finish. It's an absolute treat for the winter festivities.

Gingerbread Cocoa

Embrace the flavours of the season with gingerbread-infused cocoa. Add a dash of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg to hot chocolate for a taste that resembles the iconic holiday cookie. Consider serving it with a gingerbread cookie on the side for an added festive finesse.


Coconut Mint Hot Chocolate

Take a tropical twist on a winter classic by incorporating coconut and mint into hot chocolate. The combination of creamy coconut milk and refreshing mint creates a unique flavour profile that will transport one to a winter wonderland with a touch of the tropics.

Chai-Spiced Hot Cocoa

Merge the comforting spices of chai tea with the richness of hot cocoa for a delightful fusion. Blend cocoa with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, creating a beverage that is both cosy and invigorating. This drink is a perfect companion for a chilly evening.

These excellent drinks offer delicious and savoury alternatives to alcoholic beverages as proof that the holiday season and New Year’s need not always rely on cocktails but can also lean on exciting mocktails. The non-alcoholic iterations of cocoa or chocolate drinks provide warm and mouthwatering concoctions.