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Origami Mixology Elevate Your Cocktail Making With Artful Cocktail Garnishes

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The charm of enjoying cocktails gets elevated when garnished with exquisite origami designs. The visual presentation allows you to enjoy the cocktail at home more appropriately. Origami garnishing is one way to maximise the drink's aesthetic feel. The bartenders often remain equipped with the skill and knowledge to decorate the drinks with this new origami style.

Artful Cocktail Garnishing Ideas

Why do you need to garnish your cocktail?

Whether you are a bartender or want to make a nice cocktail at home, you must add charm to your drink. Garnishes are all about visual appeal and aromatic flavour. These small elements impact the drink most, even though they are mostly for visual presentation. The visual elements work a charm in case of any drink lovers at any party.

What do you mean by origami cocktail garnish?

Origami goes back to the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The subtle art of folding a piece of paper has travelled to the bars where cocktails are decorated in origami style. Instead of paper, the bartenders use ingredients like fruits, herbs, or vegetables to form astounding cocktail garnishes.

One needs to pay attention to the slicing and folding technique to churn out aesthetically pleasing designs using small knives, intricate tools etc. In the case of such garnishings, you will find endless possibilities, from birds to flowers, abstract designs to different shapes.

Top cocktail garnishing ideas

If you are a cocktail lover or a bartender, consider our list of popular garnishing ideas based on origami designs.

Citrus peel twist

You can’t ignore the charm of a citrus peel twist on a cocktail drink. Pairing it with a gin and tonic or a classic margarita would be better. The subtle kick you will feel because the citrus will elevate the taste of your drink.

Apple fan

You may come across the apple fan origami on many popular cocktail drinks. If the season is autumn, we suggest you use apples as the garnishing materials. All you have to do is slice the apple, arrange the pieces in a fan-shaped design, and place it on the rim of the cocktail glass. This will go perfectly with cider-based cocktails that may contain rich Smirnoff Triple distilled vodka.

Cucumber slices

Even though cucumber garnishing is easy, it contributes significantly to adding charm to your cocktail. You may vertically cut the cucumber and make thin slices to turn them into aesthetically pleasing origami designs. They are an excellent companion to refreshing and crisp cocktails like a gin tonic or a cucumber martini.

Edible flowers

Edible flowers are nowadays incredibly making space in cocktail garnishings. For their aromatic feel and flavour, people love adding them to the cocktails such as lavender gin fizz or hibiscus margarita.

However, these flowers' taste may not always be as you expect. You may use Smirnoff triple distilled vodka in the cocktail and garnish with such flowers for a new experience.

The classic orange peel

The presence of orange as the cocktail garnishing material has been there for a long time. Nowadays, bartenders tend to turn these orange peels into something unique - origami designs that appeal to your taste for different cocktails. They go exceedingly well with brown liquor cocktails like scotch and whiskey or gin and tonic.

These are some of the top origami garnishing techniques for your cocktails at home. Now, it would be easier for you to entertain your guests with creative garnishings. These techniques are easy to follow and add a unique feel to the drink's presentation.

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