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Pair A Premium Don Julio With These Finger Foods At Your Christmas Party

don julio finger food

With the holiday season quickly bearing down on us, there’s tons of list making and organisation involved to plan parties and gifts and most of all to get the food and drinks just right. Pairing foods that compliment a good spirit like whisky with chocolates or wine with charcuterie can upscale any event you host during the season.

At a gathering for friends and family, finger foods will go well with a Don Julio tequila or tequila-infused cocktails to elevate the much-needed party feel. Tequila has a versatile flavour profile that compliments different spicy flavours, making it a perfect spirit for an early evening gathering. Pairing a crispy, crunchy appetiser with a Don Julio Paloma or mini tacos with a Don Julio-infused apple cider is just about right to devour the Mexican mix.

Read on below for some finger foods and Don Julio pairings for the cocktail parties you host during the holiday season:

Ceviche Tostadas And Don Julio Blanco

Citrusy and zingy notes of ceviche topped on crisp tostadas are perfect finger foods to circulate among your guests to refresh their palate. The tangy flavours of the ceviche tostadas will pair well with a Don Julio Blanco as the taste of citrus seasonings will go well with the fruity and slightly sweet notes of this tequila variant.

don julio tostadas

Guacamole And Tortilla And Rosado

There’s no better idea than guac and tortilla chips to pair a rosado complete with a hint of caramel, honey and some complex flavours of chilli and cinnamon. You can place a bowlful of the crisp appetisers on a coffee table with freshly made guac for a pleasurable relish complemented by the sweet and fruity spirit. You can use the rosado to make a few cocktails like the limonada made from mint, club soda and a popsicle.

Cheese Platter And Don Julio Añejo Tequila

Is there anything better than a platter full of assorted cheeses, crackers and grapes to be munched on while sipping on a tequila cocktail? For an elegant cocktail house party, go the classic route and pair your añejo tequila with a cheese platter. Make sure this plate is complete with delectable bries, camembert, gouda and Gruyère. You can craft a Paloma or a Christmas mule to complement the cheesy goodness of the platter.

don julio cheese platter

Chilli Mango Skewers And Reposado Tequila

For a thoroughly sweet and spicy Mexican affair, make some chicken skewers doused in chilli mango sauce. The warm, perfectly cooked chicken with a kick of chilli and the sweet flavours of mango is a perfect pairing with reposado tequila. This variant is suitable for making fruit-inspired, slightly sweet cocktails and can nicely complement the chicken appetiser. Pair this with a sweet and tangy salsa for an absolute explosion of flavour!

Quesadilla Bites And Don Julio Blanco

Tequila has origins in Mexico. Its flavour profile and food pairings carry influences of the region. The food culture in the North American country is about fresh and spicy flavours in crispy finger foods that can be gobbled up in a bite or two. Quesadilla bites, or small, cheesy and spicy treats that can be popped into your mouth, are one such treat reminiscent of this vibrant heritage. Bring these Mexican influences into your drawing room with these tempting appetisers paired with a Don Julio Blanco.

Tequila is a delightfully versatile spirit which can be paired with spicy and sweet treats. Its fruity notes blend well with crisps and dips full of a zesty finish. If you are hosting a cocktail party this holiday season, you can stir up mouthwatering Don Julio cocktails and accompany them with crispy, spicy and refreshing treats which will become a refreshing explosion for your taste buds.