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Pairing Fine Spirits with Gourmet Snack Bars For Those Quick Fix Days!

Pairing Fine Spirits with Gourmet Snack Bars For Those Quick Fix Days!

When it comes to elevating your cocktail hour, nothing says sophisticated quite like pairing your fine spirits with an array of gourmet snack bars. These aren't your average granola bars from the corner shop (which are great for when you are on the go), but the haute couture of the snack world, made to enhance your spirit. Let’s delve into some daring pairings.

Spiced Marshmallow Popcorn Bar

If a bar could be a carnival of flavours, this would be it. Popcorn, puffy marshmallows, a hint of caramel, and a daring dash of cayenne pepper for a kick. This Spiced Marshmallow Popcorn Bar is your go-to for an unconventional pairing. Try it with a glass of Talisker 10 Year Old. The smoky peat of the Scotch complements the smoky spice of the bar like no other, while the sweetness of the marshmallow soothes the spirit’s fiery finish.

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Chocolate Coconut Date Bars

These bars are a blend of rich dark chocolate, chewy dates, and shredded coconut, making them a lush, dense treat. Pair these with a neat pour of Godawan Single Malt Fruit and Spice Cherry Cask Edition. The whisky’s inherent notes of vanilla and sweet molasses dance delightfully with the chocolate and coconut, enhancing the tropical undertones and texture of both the drink and the snack.

Prune and Pistachio Bar

Here’s something for the more refined palate. A Prune and Pistachio Bar brings a lovely contrast of textures and flavours, from the sweet, deep notes of prunes to the salty crunch of pistachios. This bar pairs exquisitely with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, where the whisky’s smooth, creamy textures and hints of wood smoke play off the earthy nuttiness and fruitiness of the bar, creating an elegant snacking experience.

Pairing Fine Spirits with Gourmet Snack Bars For Those Quick Fix Days!

Knafeh-Inspired Bar

Drawing inspiration from the best of Middle Eastern cuisine, this bar features shredded phyllo dough, a layer of sweet cheese, and a rose water syrup topping. To complement this, a glass of Singleton 12 would be impeccable. The single malt’s fruity brightness and subtle floral notes mingle with the rose water and sweet cheese, echoing the dessert’s complexity.

Maple, Pecan, and Cherry Granola Bars

For something that hits all the right notes of sweet, nutty, and tart, the Maple, Pecan, and Sour Cherry Granola Bar is your answer. This bar is a delightful companion to a nice, aged bourbon. The vanilla and caramel hints in the bourbon resonate with the maple syrup in the bar, while the pecans and sour cherries add layers of texture and tartness.

With this impressive selection of snack bars, your wine nights or whisky tastings will not need to know the old snacks menu again.

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