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Pairing Whisky With Chocolate For A Decadent Experience

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Ah, the allure of whisky and chocolate together! It's like they were meant to be. These two luxuries, each splendid in their own right, can take you on a wild ride. Destination? Flavour Town. But how do you pair them in a way that highlights their individual depths while creating a blend that’s the best of both worlds? To delve into this delectable art, we bring you six pairings, each making it easier for you to ensure that the next time you make yourself a drink, chocolate is well within your reach.

Pro-tip: We recommend that you use gourmet versions of the chocolate variants mentioned below for a finer experience. Not only is gourmet chocolate more nutritionally balanced than regular ones, but it also contains greater amounts of cocoa butter and cocoa solids, resulting in a warmer, richer taste that lingers for a long time.

Also, keep in mind that chocolate tastes even better if it is produced under ethical standards. Look out for a fair trade mark on the packaging and enjoy a truly guilt-free experience!

Black Dog with Spiced Chocolate

The Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has been reserved in charred oak casks, which lend it a smokey undertone and a pleasant aftertaste. Pairing it with spicy cinnamon-infused chocolate is a masterclass in gastronomy. The whisky's smooth woodiness pairs well with the warm spice of cinnamon, reminding you of a cosy evening by the fire, full of comfort and warmth.

Singleton and Chilli Dark Chocolate

Now, brace yourself for the winning combination of Singleton Dufftown 12 and gourmet chilli dark chocolate. While chilli-infused chocolate may not be for everyone, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But for those who like a little adventure, the whisky packs a peaty punch, and the chocolate throws in a spicy twist. This mix is a fiery clash of opposing forces that somehow just works. Sign up for fireworks in a glass and on your palate, and enjoy the show.

whisky dark chocolate

Talisker Skye and Orange-Infused Milk Chocolate

Next up, we've got Talisker Skye, a real zesty character, and its partner in crime: orange-infused milk chocolate. While orange juice and orange zest have long been delightful companions to whisky, the addition of chocolate makes things more festive. The whisky's citrus notes do a little dance with the chocolate’s creamy sweetness, with the orange slicing through with its intense tartiness. Think sunbeams and blossoms in every bite and sip.

Johnnie Walker Black Label and Dark Chocolate

Let's dive in with our first combo: Johnnie Walker Black Label and dark chocolate that’s seriously dark—think 70 percent cocoa. Here’s what this is about: the whisky brings a smoky zing, and the chocolate? Pure, bold bitterness. Together, they're a powerhouse, balancing each other out like old friends.

Royal Challenge and Nutty Milk Chocolate

Then, there's Royal Challenge, boldly paired with a rich, nutty milk chocolate. The whisky's balanced blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts finds a delightful match in the nutty, creamy chocolate. It's a pair that's both earthy and sophisticated, with the nuts in the chocolate creating a textural interplay.

whisky nut chocolate

Singleton and White Chocolate

Wrapping it up, we've got the Singleton Glen Ord 12 Years paired with classic vanilla white chocolate. It’s all about elegance here. The whisky whispers sweet, spicy notes, and the chocolate? It’s like a soft, creamy dream. Together, they create a blend that’s both luxurious and comforting. For those who like fruit in their chocolate, experiment with squares of white chocolate with dried blueberries or cranberries. You won’t be disappointed!

In these pairings, you will find an array of experiences, from a bold standoff between smoke and bitterness to the gentle sweetness of honey and vanilla. So, pour yourself a glass, grab a piece of that chocolate, and let the tasting begin.

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