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Best Drinks To Have With Taste Atlas’ Best Of Indian Cuisine List - Part 2

Part -2 — Best Drinks To Have With Taste Atlas’ Best Of Indian Cuisine List

Indian cuisine is a vibrant mix of a lot of diverse ingredients and flavours that come together to produce some really exciting dishes. From sweet and spicy to umami and tangy, the sheer range of taste and textures that make up the cuisine of this subcontinent is absolutely marvellous. There are a number of dishes like the dal makhani, butter chicken and naan which have become famous the world over for their distinct taste and recipes that have been passed on through generations.

Taste Atlas has curated an extensive list of some of the best dishes that are part of Indian cuisine. And each of these numbers can be paired really well with lots of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks when you sit down for your meal. 

We have curated a series of essays for you which recommend the best drink to have with all the items on this list.

Here is part two of this ten-part series highlighting the cocktails and mocktails you can pair with recipes like chicken 65, pani puri, vada pav and more!

Chicken 65 And IPA

A deep fried chicken dish made by marinating the protein in lots of different herbs and spices like garlic, ginger, lemon and red chillies, this dish has origins in Chennai and is extremely popular for its crispy texture and lip smacking taste. Pair this comforting dish with an Indian Pale Ale or IPA whose frothy, bitter notes nicely compliment the chicken’s spicy flavours.

Kaju Katli And Pinot Noir

Made from quality cashews, Kaju Katli is a dense sweet treat from the Indian subcontinent that can be paired really well with a pinot noir whose berry-like notes coupled with a tinge of vanilla make it an ideal partner for a dessert course.

Pani Puri And Tamarind Fizz

One of the most popular street foods in India, pani puri or golgappa is a vibrant explosion of minty, spicy and tangy flavours in your mouth augmented with the addition of a crunchy puri. Pair this refreshing snack with tamarind fizz which includes all the freshness of a sweet and tangy tamarind syrup and an airy carbonated soda that cuts through the spiciness of the golgappas.

Vada Pav And Masala Chai

A giant, spicy potato fritter stuffed between a generous slice of pav, this street food is best enjoyed with salted fried chillies and garlic chutney. You can pair this popular snack with a steaming cup of masala chai which helps to tame the heat of the chillies and the potato fritter that make up this dish.

Kulfi And Merlot

If you are looking for an iced version of a sweet milk treat, a plain kulfi infused with nutmeg is the perfectly delicious alternative. Pair this dessert with a classic merlot whose dark, distinct bouquet is an ideal contrast to the highly sweetened notes of malai kulfi.

Ras Malai And Port 

A thoroughly inviting dessert especially when served chilled, ras malai made from Indian cottage cheese, sugar syrup and milk is thoroughly irresistible. If you are gorging on a bowlful of this dish, you might want to pair it with a slightly bitter and sweet port that can be sipped on to act as a palate cleanser while you polish off your dessert.

Paneer Tikka And Single Malt

Tikka in itself is a very popular tandoori recipe in the Indian subcontinent and its vegetarian variation made from cottage cheese or paneer is just as favoured. Paneer is marinated in lots of different spices to give it a very intense taste when it is popped in the tandoor. Pair this with a classic single malt like Singleton to enjoy the dense and smoky notes of the combination.

Misal Pav And Taak

A popular street food in the western regions of India, misal pav is served as a spicy lentil curry with bread, onions, farsan and of course, the tarri or a broth packed with heat. You can pair this spicy dish with at least a couple of glasses of cool masala taak or buttermilk which helps to taper down the heat of this dish.

Mysore Pak And Kokum Sherbet

Mysore pak is known as the king of sweets in southern Indian regions and is a delightful mix of lots of ghee, sugar, butter and flour. With origins in Mysore’s royal kitchens, the dish is thoroughly indulgent, fit to be consumed by kings and queens indeed. You can pair this with a tangy kokum sherbet infused with cumin powder to balance the dessert’s sweetness.


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