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Peach Fuzz: 5 Cocktails Celebrating Pantone Colour Of The Year 2024

Peach fuzz margharita

Brace yourself because Pantone has announced that in 2024, the colour Peach Fuzz will paint our world, including our digital lives, in its warm, inviting tones. Now, the cocktail world is known to have its finger on the pulse of trends. Remember the stunning cocktails 2023’s colour Viva Magenta brought back into the spotlight? This year won’t be any different. But that's not all. As we mix and sip cocktails that share the same soothing hue as rising star Peach Fuzz, let's also muse on a few more (random but important) things: how might this colour influence our Instagram trends, stir up the fashion industry, and perhaps even spark debates among colour critics?

So, grab your shaker and your sense of humour—we're diving into a peach-tinted future!

Peach Fuzz Margarita

Imagine the classic Margarita taking on Peach Fuzz. Combine 50 ml tequila with 30 ml peach liqueur, 20 ml fresh lime juice and a splash of triple sec. Rim your glass with salt, and voila—a Peach Fuzz Margarita that's as Instagrammable as it is delicious. Expect to see #PeachFuzzMargarita lighting up feeds as the go-to summer cocktail shot, positioned against sunsets and beach scenes.

Peach Fuzz Old Fashioned

For those who prefer a stiffer drink, the Old Fashioned gets a fruity makeover. Muddle a slice of peach (or use 10 ml peach syrup instead) with 10 ml of Angostura bitters and sugar, then add 45 ml Johnnie Walker Black. It’s a sophisticated way to bring a hint of Peach Fuzz into the classic cocktail scene, possibly sparking a revival of ‘vintage-modern’ bar aesthetics.

Fuzzy Peach Bellini

We are reimagining the timeless Bellini to stay on the fuzzy train. Replace Prosecco with 50 ml Smirnoff Red, and pour into a shaker and mix in 30 ml peach puree. You have a fun Peach Bellini that'll be the toast of brunches everywhere. As influencers clink glasses, be prepared for a surge in brunch posts, all bathed in the soft, dreamy glow of the colour of 2024.

Peach Fuzz Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan, a cocktail that has stood the test of time and the turbulent terrains of pop culture fame, could see a resurgence with a Peach Fuzz spin. For the ultimate style statement, combine 50 ml Ciroc Vodka, 15 ml cranberry juice and a touch of lime, topped with a splash of peach schnapps. This could be the cocktail choice on the coveted runways, where critics and admirers of Peach Fuzz debate its place in the style world.

Mojito with a Peachy Twist

Lastly, the Mojito comes together when you take 50 ml Captain Morgan White Rum, 20 ml peach nectar,  10 ml lime juice, a sprinkle of brown sugar and a handful of mint leaves. This Instagrammable drink has the potential to become the centrepiece of 'summer vibes' posts, with its vibrant colour and refreshing taste, despite critics possibly labelling it as ‘too mainstream’.

So whether you’re a social media maverick, a trendsetter, or just someone who loves a good cocktail, these Peach Fuzz-inspired drinks are sure to add an extra buzz to your year.


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