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Pine Syrup Infusions: 6 Epic Spin-Offs To Enliven Social Dos

pine syrup infusions

It can be Christmas all-year-long if you have a liquor cabinet filled with the fragrant scent of pine cones wafting out of syrup and liqueur bottles. Pine-infused syrups and spirits are the perfect way to preserve the notes of this merry season so you can add them to your cocktails and mocktails every time you want to feel festive. These infusions are made using the choicest pine needles that can be flavoured in versatile ways to compliment the resinous quality of the plant coupled with forest-like aromas reminiscent of the dark woods in the winters.

Making pine syrup infusions at home is a neat trick to capture this essence in your liquor cabinet and endow it with some celebratory feels. Simultaneously, you can elevate your home bar with a really eclectic collection of flavourful mixers and liqueurs that up your cocktail craft. Turn making pine syrup infusions into a fun DIY activity performed with friends and family for a relaxing night in. Prepare a simple syrup with pine needles to make a pine infusion that can be enhanced with different flavours to give it a more complex quality.

Read on below to know more about such pine syrup infusions which can spruce up your liquor cabinet:

Vanilla Pine Syrup

A simple pine syrup infusion whose abundant aromas are supplemented with the fragrance of vanilla pods makes for a very inviting drink that can be added to lots of simple vodka and gin-based cocktail recipes. You can make vanilla pine syrup by introducing vanilla essence to the mix boiling over high heat so that its fresh and sweet fragrance seeps into the drink making for an infusion with a very delicate and elegant finish.

making pine infusions at home

Pine Syrup Gin

If you want to add simple infusions to your spirits, you cannot go wrong with a pine syrup which will add a whole layer of very inviting and warm notes into the base liquor. This works best with spirits like gin which is already rich in botanicals so the nutty and earthy flavours of pine work to elevate an already light and floral quality inherent to the spirit.

Spiced Pine Syrup

Another variation of a simple pine syrup can be crafted using lots of different whole spices. As you simmer a sugar, water and pine needle mix, throw in some cinnamon, cardamom pods, nutmeg and star anise to introduce a very intense depth into the recipe. This can be the ultimate addition to a punch concoction so that you can enjoy the festive feel of sipping on a refreshing punch any time of the year without the hassle of assembling a whole lot of ingredients together.

Citrus Pine Syrup

Pine syrup is a very malleable concoction so inevitably it can be infused with lots of different flavour pairings that best suit your preferences. Many mixology enthusiasts favour the bittersweet notes and tanginess of a lot of citruses and are often finding new ways to incorporate these flavours into cocktails. Making a citrus-infused pine syrup is one such way of incorporating these zesty notes into mixology. This is a very interesting combination that will definitely give an added oomph to your liquor cabinet.

pine syrup at home

Ginger Pine Syrup

Make a zesty pine syrup infusion by adding some ginger shavings into the mix, and be sure to fine strain it before bottling up the drink. Ginger compliments the woody, earthy elements in the pine needle infusion so it blends well with the overall sugar and pine pairing. In fact, it ties the different components of the liquid together and the infusion works well as an addition to a classic cocktail like a julep or margarita.

Herb Infused Syrup

Just like ginger, herbs like rosemary, basil and thyme are particularly effective in enhancing the already enriching flavour profile of pine needles. In fact, adding herbs to the recipe gives the infusion a more Christmasy touch because these herby aromas are reminiscent of the merry green tree which lights up homes in the festive season.

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