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Plan The Barn Wedding Of Your Dreams With 6 Easy, Expert Tips

Expert tips to plan the barn wedding of your dreams

HOSTING a wedding means you have to plan everything from the decor, food and drink, to your trousseau, guest list and venue. And what comes in handy when you organise this celebration is a theme. If you narrow down on how you want to mark your special day, all your choices become easier. For couples who are fond of a rustic feel, you cannot go wrong with a party in a barn reminiscent of the warmth and welcome of the southern American regions known for their wonderful hospitality.

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You can also take this setting to a whole different level by turning your wedding into a bourbon themed affair especially if both of you are fond of this quality spirit produced prominently in southern parts of America characterised by the sprawling countryside and lush farmlands. Such a theme will give your wedding a very comforting touch and friends and family can gather together to celebrate your special day in a way that resonates with this generous spirit of the region. And with a tipple of bourbon in hand, the feelings of warmth and camaraderie will only be enhanced!

Expert tips to plan the barn wedding of your dreams

Here’s how you can host a bourbon-themed barn wedding to make your special day a classic, rustic affair:

Bourbon Tasting Station

There are many provinces in Tennessee and Kentucky which produce quality bourbon, a whisky that follows a different distillation process than a single malt or Scotch. When you want to revel in the oaky textures of this fine spirit, arrange for bourbon tasting stations which display the varied flavours of the liquor according to the respective regions in which they are produced. Your guests will be able to savour the delicious taste and complex flavours of the spirit as they raise a toast to the happy couple.

Bourbon-Infused Desserts

Another way to make your bourbon theme shine is to have desserts infused with this spirit. This can range from a bourbon and caramel cake to a bourbon pecan pie and bourbon-infused blondies that fit the rustic theme. You can also serve lots of creamy, iced cocktails that work as delicious cooling desserts and infuse them with bourbon like a caramel and bourbon frappe or a creamy bourbon and ice cream float which is decadence in a bowl.

Expert tips to plan the barn wedding of your dreams

Southern Bar Decor

Enjoying a glass of bourbon sitting at a bar with wood furnishing is as country as it gets. Decorate your barn like a country bar with lots of small tables, fairy lights, large pint glasses and cowboy hat decorations that spell the American countryside. Also hire a band which will play good old country tunes for you so you can enjoy your first dance in keeping with the overall rustic barn theme. 

Fried Chicken Galore

Preparing a menu for a rustic bourbon themed wedding is quite simple. All you need is lots of fried chicken and melted cheese and you will have smiling guests radiating happiness. Serve lots of southern fried chicken with a classic coleslaw and corn on the cob to make your wedding meal the most sumptuous affair ever. 

Expert tips to plan the barn wedding of your dreams


Rustic Barn

Hunting for a venue might be a challenge for city folk who want to enjoy a rustic bourbon themed wedding in a barn. Where will you find bales of hay piled away in corners and cows grazing in the fields amidst the bustle of a metropolis? Spend some time hunting down a barn that will cater to your specific wedding needs because the setting of this theme will make or break the rustic feels.

A Touch Of Southern Hospitality

What southerners are known for in America is their warmth and generosity. Bring a touch of this hospitality into your wedding game by ensuring that all your guests are well fed. When you see someone without a plate, head off and pile a plate with chicken and salad and ask the bartender to fill a tipple of bourbon. Such a country inspired wedding will ooze with lots of closeness and instead of a stuffy, formal affair, will transform your wedding into a very friendly and comforting event.

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