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Planning To Propose? Here’s How To Craft A Custom Cocktail 

Planning To Propose? Here’s How To Craft A Custom Cocktail 

Proposing to your significant other is one of the most important events of your life! It is absolutely important to include the tiniest details in your proposal. One super-special way to propose is by creating a customised cocktail that symbolises your relationship and has everything your partner loves. Here's how you can go about crafting a customised cocktail (that will carry your proposal ring) and pop the question.

Creating A Signature Cocktail For Wedding Proposal

If you are a bartending enthusiast, this process will be totally exciting. But for those who have never tried making a cocktail by themselves, this will totally remove the pressure off! Below are the steps to creating a customised cocktail for your partner.

Choose A Theme

Based on your partner's passion, hobbies and liking, you can create a theme for the cocktail. Are they sporty and like to keep things easygoing? Then have a casual theme. If they like sophistication, choose an upscale theme. Several other factors too can be considered for choosing a theme. Your partner's favourite colour, musical, movie, activity, holiday etc. Pick an appropriate theme and get started with the cocktail preparation.

Put A Twist On A Classic

A classic cocktail is an ideal drink to tweak and create your own. All you need to do is add your own spin to it. You can rename the drink or add a special garnish that matches your theme. If you and your partner enjoy martinis, garnish it with a pickled hot cherry pepper. The evergreen crowd-pleaser margarita can be altered by rimming the glassware with shredded coconut or ground herbs. If you both enjoy the Old Fashioned, add a dash of vanilla extract or peach bitters to sweeten the drink a little. Get inspired by your partner and get your creative juices flowing!

Make Your Own Signature Cocktail

If you want to make a cocktail from scratch, below are some tips.

Pick Your Spirit

Factor in the favourite wine or spirit of your significant other and use it as the base alcohol.

Favourite Flavours And Seasonal Ingredients

Pick your partner's favourite seasonal ingredient to make your signature cocktail. Liqueurs or syrups such as violet or elderflower syrup go well with herbaceous gin. Citrus ingredients such as blood orange, yuzu, satsuma complement the agave notes in tequila or mezcal. A whisky with a rich flavour profile will pair well with cinnamon-apple shrub or chocolate bitters or muddled jalapeño which will cut its overpowering punch.

Liqueurs, Bitters And Mixers

Experiment with liqueurs, bitters or simple mixers like club sodas. Bitters are the salt and pepper of mixology, the tiniest amount will help even or accentuate the flavours, (whatever you role you choose the bitters to play). Citrus helps cut the sweetness and mixers lower the alcohol strength of the drink. Don't limit mixers to just soda, tonic water etc, you can also use teas, coffees and lemonade to combine with certain spirits.


Go big and make a statement with gold appliques as garnish for your cocktail or stick to simpler and elegant toppings such as pretty looking flowers and herbs. The garnish is not just a visual element, it helps to elevate the flavour of your drink as well.

Name The Drink

Christening your signature cocktail plays an important role as you get to name it after something special that you and your partner celebrate. Don't forget to have fun with puns, be sure to enjoy this process!

Some Cocktail Name Ideas

Margarita: Main Squeeze Margarita

Mojito: Mint to Be Mojito

Mai Tai: Mai Tai the Knot

Gin & Tonic: You & Me G&T

Beer: Ale You Need Is Love

Wine: Be Mine Wine

Sangria: Berry Happy Together Sangria

Apple Cider: Always By My Cider

Bellini: Wedding Bell-ini

Blue Curaçao Cocktail: Something Blue

Appletini: Appletini of My Eye

Bloody Mary: Bloody Marry Me

Use Beautiful Glassware And Accessories

Get special glassware for the occasion, something that will remind you of your proposal event. Use fancy-looking accessories such as stirrers or paper parasols. You can engrave the date of your proposal and yours and your partner's names on the glassware or accessories.


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