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Popular Cocktail Stories Behind Its Classic Drinks

Cocktail History

Have you ever questioned how popular cocktails came to be? While the components of these famous bar drinks may be well-known to bargoers everywhere, some of their origins are just mysterious. Join us on a tour of the popular cocktails that have thrilled palates and sparked debates for years, from the Belini's enigmatic beginnings to the Cosmopolitan's exotic charm. So enjoy your bar drink while sipping its complex flavours!

List of 5 Popular Cocktails and Stories Behind Them

Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure full of savoury ingredients, mouthwatering fragrances, and thrilling tales of the five best colourful cocktails.

1. Sex On The Beach

Sex on the Beach
During spring break in the US in 1987, this beverage was created. A distributor of peach schnapps allegedly challenged Florida establishments to produce the most wonderful drink with peach schnapps as the foundation. The winning bar named the concoction "Sex On The Beach" in honour of the two things Florida has long been known for: the beach and sex. The winning bar combined the liqueur with vodka, orange juice, and grenadine.

2. A Bellini

This exquisite wine drink, which combines Prosecco with white peach puree, has a well-known history. Between 1934 and 1948, Giuseppe Cipriani, the man behind Venice's renowned Harry's Bar, began creating the fruity concoctions. Cipriani named his concoction after the Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini because the pink beverage reminded him of the colour of a saint's toga in a picture by the Italian artist.

3. The Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Numerous bartenders staked their claims as the cocktail's "true" originator even before Sex and the City helped boost its popularity. The drink's origins have been attributed to Minneapolis, South Beach, San Francisco, Manhattan, and Provincetown, Massachusetts, among other places. We may never know just who made the cocktail for Carrie Bradshaw because it is essentially simply a kamikaze with the addition of cranberry juice. This makes it likely that bartenders in these places independently created the drink.

4. Screwdriver

Screwdriver Cocktail
Another well-known cocktail drink for beginners is the Screwdriver. Its history begins in Turkey in the 1940s when a group of American engineers working on an oil field would covertly mix vodka and orange juice with a screwdriver. So now you know why the name of this cocktail is peculiar.   

5. Zombie 

Don The Beachcomber, the mastermind of tiki drinks, invented the incredibly strong Zombie cocktail. A client entered his tavern in the 1930s and complained of having a hangover. Don produced this extremely intoxicating beverage, relieving the man's hangover symptoms. Later, the client returned to the bar and said he had felt like a zombie all day. Then, Don decided to add this beverage to his menu under "Zombie."

Final Thoughts 
There you have it: five popular cocktails with a little history to inspire. We hope you enjoyed the story behind these colourful cocktail recipes as much as we did. Now that you know this, the next time you go out with your friends and order your bar drink, don't forget to tell them the intriguing tale behind its name.

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