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Popular Cocktails and Their Intriguing Tales of Origin

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The popularity of cocktails skyrocketed in no time because of its refreshing taste and astonishing balance of flavours. Tangy, sweet, boozy, and salty flavours of cocktails never fail to please. While sipping your favourite cocktail at home or a bar, have you ever wondered where this awesome idea originated? The history of your favourite cocktails is as cool and exciting as its taste. Let's delve into it.

Fascinating History of Popular Cocktails

Every ingredient and flavour of your favourite cocktail tells a story. Here, we have listed the intriguing tales of the most popular cocktails.

1. Cosmopolitan

Tony Cecchini is accountable for making you fall in love with the iconic cosmopolitan cocktail. Although the origin of the Cosmopolitan cocktail varies in theories, the most accepted one is 1988's tale. Tony Cecchini, the 25-year-old bartender, had an innovative idea to add Rose's grenadine and lime juice into an already famous beverage called Well Vodka. This idea led to the ever-growing demand for such cocktails at bar.

2. Margarita Cocktail

Talking about the history of cocktails and not discussing the tale of soul-refreshing Margarita Cocktail is impossible. In 1938, actress Marjorie King was allergic to all liqueur but Tequila. When the actress visited Carlos Herrera's restaurant, Rancho La Gloria, Carlos impressed her with a Tequila-flavoured Margarita Cocktail. Till now, Margarita is the star of cocktails at bar.

3. Mojito

Now comes the universally loved and one of the most popular cocktails, Mojito. Can you believe that it served as a medical remedy in 1586? Surprising, right? Once a British Privateer, Francis Drake required a remedy for dysentery and scurvy. The men brought a blend of Rum, lime, sugarcane juice, and mint. The ingredient sounds familiar because that's everyone's favourite Mojito cocktail.

4. Pina Colada

Aesthetically appealing and heavenly tasty Pina Colada cocktail entered the realm of best cocktails in 1954. The fun factor is that a bartender named Ramon Marrero dreamed up the ingredients and flavours of this cocktail and then prepared this delight. It also got recognition as the official drink of Puerto Rico in 1978.

5. Irish coffee

There are three kinds of people. First are the coffee lovers, second are cocktail admirers, and third are fans of Irish coffee Cocktails. In the 1940s, in Foynes, an area bustling with famous people, the Chef, Joe Sheridan, added Irish whiskey to coffee, considering the severely cold weather of the Foynes. That's how the world of beverages got the best cocktail, Irish Coffee. Another theory suggests that a writer named Stanton Delaplane sipped this cocktail at bar at Shannon Airport and promoted this delight to the U.S.

Wrapping up 

These exciting tales prove that the best things have the most fascinating stories. You can also make your own unique cocktail flavour and be the originator of the popular cocktail recipe. The best place to explore the finest liquor, wines, and whiskey for your Cocktail recipe is none other than The Bar. Find more about the finest brands for exotic flavours and tips for your next cocktail party at The Bar.

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