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Raise Your Glass In Style: Glassware Guide For Cocktails

Balloon glass

House parties are a blast, offering a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of overindulging or driving. Yet, there's more to consider when hosting one. Apart from the food and drinks, presentation plays a crucial role. It's not just about having the drinks your guests prefer; it's about how you serve them. Choosing the appropriate glassware is essential. While some may already have a collection of cocktail glasses, others might be in the process of building their home bar. If you're looking for advice on matching the perfect glass to your favourite drinks, read on. It ensures your drinks are not only enjoyable but also well-presented.

Highball Glass

The tall, upright glass can accommodate around 8 to 12 ounces and is designed for ice-filled beverages. Ideal for cocktails served over ice, this glass design maintains drink temperature and carbonation. It's commonly used interchangeably with a Collins glass, although the classic highball glass is a bit shorter and wider than a Collins glass. Highball glasses are suitable for serving cocktails like Rum and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Dark and Stormy. 

Collins Glass 

Often termed a highball glass, the Collins glass distinguishes itself by its taller, more slender design, and a marginally larger capacity, usually around 10 to 14 ounces. It excels in maintaining your cocktails' refreshing chill and is perfect for libations generously diluted with ice and featuring multiple mixers. Named after the classic Tom Collins cocktail, this glass is versatile and serves as an excellent choice for any cocktail designed to be enjoyed over ice. When crafting drinks like the Mojito, Paloma, or the namesake Tom Collins, reach for the Collins glass.

Zombie Glass 

Originally, this glass was created for the Zombie cocktail, which has lots of juices, rum, and liqueurs. The zombie glass is the tallest and most slender among cocktail glasses, making colourful drinks stand out. It's spacious to hold cocktails with many mixers. You can use a zombie glass for serving Tequila Sunrise, Fuzzy Navel, or Zombie cocktails.

Rocks Glass 

The rocks glass, also known as an old-fashioned or lowball glass, is a short and wide glass with a sturdy base. Unlike the other glasses designed for ice and mixers, the rocks glass is intended for drinks primarily consisting of spirits. Its name is derived from the iconic Old-Fashioned cocktail, which features bourbon and a few dashes of Angostura bitters. The glass's design accommodates muddling, stirring, and the addition of one or two large ice cubes. Classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Negroni, and Sazerac are best served in a rocks glass.

Coupe Glass

Initially created for champagne, the coupe glass, with its wide, round shape, is less than ideal for carbonated beverages. The ample surface area causes bubbles to vanish swiftly. It shines when used for cocktails that require straining and serving "up" without ice, such as the Manhattan. Its design beautifully showcases the cocktail's color, while the elongated stem prevents the warmth of your hand from affecting the glass. The elegant coupe glass adds a touch of sophistication when serving cocktails like the Manhattan, Boulevardier, and Gimlet.

Martini Glass 

One of the most famous cocktail glasses is the martini glass. It looks very fancy when you hold it. The glass has a "v" shape, and you sip your drink from it. It's great for cocktails with few or no mixers. People sometimes call it a cocktail glass, but the real cocktail glass is more rounded and a bit smaller. Use a martini glass for drinks like Martini, Cosmopolitan, or Sidecar.

Copper Mug 

This famous cup is excellent for keeping cold drinks cool when it's hot outside because copper conducts temperature well. Earlier, the copper mug was used for the Moscow Mule cocktail, made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. Copper is believed to make ginger beer and citrus flavours better while also making them more fizzy. Many copper mugs now have a lining of another material like stainless steel to prevent copper from getting into your drinks. You can use a copper mug to serve drinks like Moscow Mule, Mint Julep, or Greyhound.

Margarita Glass 

The popular margarita glass has a big, round bowl with a wide edge that leaves space for toppings. Its broad bowl lets you smell the drink as you sip it and taste the salt or sugar on the rim. The tall stem makes it easy to hold, even for bigger sizes. It's great for drinks like Frozen Margarita, Margarita on the Rocks, Daiquiri, and others.

Hurricane Glass 

If you're a fan of piña coladas, this is one of the finest kinds of cocktail glasses to have in your home bar. The hurricane glass is tall, curvaceous, and has a shorter stem. It offers plenty of space in the bowl to hold a generous drink, making you feel as if you're enjoying a tropical getaway. It's the perfect choice for drinks like the Hurricane itself, as well as other tropical classics like mai tais, coladas, and daiquiris. Don't forget to add a paper umbrella for that complete resort vibe!

Balloon Glass 

Because of its unique shape, the balloon glass is often used to serve cocktails. Its wide bowl and curved rim give you plenty of room to smell the drink while giving you a good grip. This glass can be used for a wide range of cocktails, especially those with complex and layered flavours. It's a favourite of mixologists and people who like cocktails because it captures and concentrates the flavours, which makes it great for sipping and savouring your favourite drinks.


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