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Considering Small, Ambient Lights For Party Decor? Read This First

Read This Before Investing In Small Ambient Lights For Your Next House Party

There’s an ongoing debate among online content creators around big lights versus small, cosy ambient lights, with the latter emerging as most favoured among many who love to host gatherings at home. Large overhead lights in the house can be quite harsh, making one feel like being enclosed in an interrogation setting or waiting at a counter in a deli for a take out that will be eaten in solitary gloom.

So, as we say aye to small lights placed strategically at home to lift up the overall ambience, we look at the many reasons these dim, warm soothers trump a big light that brightens a room blandly without paying any attention to the structure and the setting where it is installed.

Layered Lighting Sources

A winner amidst this debate is the concept of layered lighting sources where you do away with that one big, bright bulb and instead curate a melange of floor lights, recessed dimmers and cove lighting to illuminate your room. The big light is great when you want bright, clear visibility but for home hosting endeavours or even a slow evening when you want to unwind after work, what are most seductive are softer dimmers that create a relaxing vibe.

Read This Before Investing In Small Ambient Lights For Your Next House Party

These lights make for the perfect ambience when you are hosting an intimate group of friends or relatives getting together over a couple of drinks and appetisers for game night or a crafts evening. You can start by switching on all your fairy lights, cove lights and yellow dimmers and as evening morphs into a cosy night, gradually let the lights fade out too, so that you sit ensconced around a coffee table in the warm glow of some small, coloured bulbs.

Get That Floor Lamp

According to an essay on Apartment Therapy, buying a singular lamp is always a great investment so you can have an alternative source of light when the bright, big light gets too harsh. It has its practical uses but on occasion, all you desire is a soft glow. This is where a floor lamp comes in handy.

Intense, direct sources of light can have an adverse effect on your home space because they will brighten every inch of the house without paying heed to the interplay of the white light with other elements and structures placed in your personal space. Warm lights on the other hand, exude their glow slowly to augment the shape of the room when they are placed in specific corners of the house.

Read This Before Investing In Small Ambient Lights For Your Next House Party

A floor lamp then becomes a very good alternative at such times because it allows you to switch its placement and light up a particular spot like your cocktail bar or your cards table when you sit down to play. Simultaneously, you can also go for soft lamps with quirky designs that fit the overall theme of your home interiors. Tall lamps, ensconced bulbs and chandelier-like ornamented lamps are all available in lots of different designs so not only do they breathe light into your room, they also augment to its overall aesthetic.

Home Hosting Hack

Evidently, small lights are the best bet when you are home hosting your weekly cocktail night. However, even for large themed gatherings or festive events, managing warm, soft bulbs is definitely far easier than working with a big bright light that leaves you very little wiggle room for experimenting with decor ideas.

Big lights restrict your party flourishes as opposed to small bulbs which enable you to bring in lots of different colourful motifs that can liven up varied themes. You can host a speakeasy night or a disco evening at home rather easily, as long as you have the right lights! So the next time you are puzzled about why your hosting space lacks that cosy, inviting appeal, you might want to check the light situation and bring in some dimmers and fairy lights to create a more welcoming ambience.


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