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Romantic Gifting: The Best Valentine’s Day Presents For Him

Romantic Gifting: The Best Valentine’s Day Presents For Him

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting, there are a host of products to choose from and as the day gets closer, undoubtedly your social media platforms are going to bombard you with lots of adverts and alerts about sales and half-offs on some incredible products. Throw out the old adage that men are hard to shop for out the window because there are some amazing gifting hacks involved when it comes to celebrating your special someone on this day of love, romance and friendship.

Choosing a Valentine’s gift is about knowing your partner or your special person really well so you can curate gifts to suit their preferences. This could be anything from a romantic wine tasting tour to a couple’s cooking class – if you are into gastronomy. Alternatively, it could be a rock climbing session or a hike and picnic lunch – if you fancy the outdoors. And when it comes to choosing trinkets and knick knacks, you would be entirely spot on when you go for a customised product that celebrates his choices.

Read on below to know more about some of the gifting ideas for him that you can employ Valentine’s Day:

Beard Grooming Kit

A rather luxe Valentine’s Day present is a beard grooming kit complete with a shampoo, oil, comb, aftershave and conditioner to pamper him on this romantic day. The set is readily available in a proper gift box so all you have to do is choose one which contains everything he might need to shape and maintain the sharpness and elegance of his beard.

His/Hers Dice

When game nights are a weekly ritual for you, gift him customised his/hers dice that would add a tad bit of cutesy romance to your competitive action. You can use the dice on a romantic Valentine’s dinner date by playing an old fashioned board game which requires you to roll your lucky number!

Engraved Decanter

When he is fond of quality spirits and sophisticated ways to savour them, a nice gifting hack is to give him an engraved decanter bearing his name. You can also get your couples name carved into the container for a more romantic touch. The decanter can also come with engraved wooden boxes and a couple of rocks glasses so you can gift it at the beginning of the evening and enjoy a tipple in the new glassware.

Quality Scotch/Single Malt

What better way to gift a decanter to your loved one other than pairing it with a quality whisky? You can go for a Johnnie Walker Red Label or a Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky that can be served in the decanter. Let the drink breathe a little before you pour it in a rocks glass over a bed of ice. Another way to enjoy this bottle is to make a simple highball cocktail to accompany a romantic dinner.

Wellness Massager

One of the best gifts for him is a wellness massager that would soothe and relax him after a long day at work or a hard day at the gym. You can either opt for a battery operated hand massager or go for one of those massage cubes that release essential oils like mint and cedar wood when rubbed on the aching area.

Escape Room Board Game

When your special someone is fond of board games, a perfect gift would be the escape room games that are becoming quite popular. This involves going through a series of puzzles and clues until you can free your player from the scary room. The game can be played from the comfort of home and is perfect for many date nights to come.

Automatic Cocktail Maker

If the ‘him’ is fond of mixology and fine drinks, splurge a little and get him an automatic cocktail maker that puts together mixers and spirits with the push of a few buttons and crafts delectable cocktails without too much hassle. Pair the cocktail maker with essential spirits like a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka or a Captain Morgan Dark Rum and other cocktail staples required to make basic drinks.


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